Cove Perfekt™

Setting the standard for cove lighting

Cove ceiling render lounge

Less Cove. More Light.

Design cove lighting with less guesswork and more freedom

With Cove Perfekt, you can enhance the environment with a layer of beautiful indirect lighting. Driven by a simple, minimalist form, Cove Perfekt lets you design smaller coves, eliminate hot spots and aiming issues, and improve the overall cove light quality, while saving energy like never before.

Cove Perfekt Summary
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Cove ceiling product cove AP perspective view

Cove Perfekt Ceiling

Optimal efficiencies in any cove depth or lumen package

When used in ceiling cove applications, Cove Perfekt Ceiling completely conceals any direct view of the LED light source. The luminaire delivers peak candelas at 110 degrees for uniform ceiling illumination and a soft glow on the backside of the cove.

Cove wall product cove AP perspective view

Cove Perfekt Wall

High-quality ambient light in corridors, restrooms and other spaces

When used in wall cove applications, Cove Perfekt Wall eliminates shadows or streaks on the wall and achieves optimal efficiencies in any cove depth or lumen package in addition to completely concealing any direct view of the LED light source.

Put light where you need it

Powered by SurroundLite™

Exclusive SurroundLite flat optics bend light to put peak-angle candlepower (cd/W) where you need it and deliver balanced luminance on cove surfaces. Its wide, 3D, 180-degree, non-Lambertian distribution sends light along, across and out from luminaire ends, resulting in a soft glow using as little as 3 W/ft.

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Cove Perfekt Features

One plug-and-play aim-free product does it all

  • Available in continuous lengths up to 12 ft (one-foot increments) with integral driver.
  • SurroundLite technology eliminates the need to select beam angles and provides a shadow-free gap allowance between luminaires.
  • Also compatible with a full range of dimming drivers and controls.
Cove ceiling render elevator hallway

Easy installation

Tool-free installation without tracks, clips or other components

  • Standard telescoping cables facilitate installation by allowing up to 6" play.
  • Long runs powered by single-line voltage feed from back wall of cove (up to 100 feet).
  • Two circuit 6-wire also available for longer runs (up to 500 feet).
  • Cables rated to connect and disconnect while powered.
  • Straight or T power feeds available to feed power anywhere along run.
Cove ceiling render hallway

Easy Maintenance

Hassle-free operation keeps designs looking good for years

  • Easy access to components via standard telescoping cable
  • No dust cover required and dirt does not affect light distribution
  • Modular construction: field-replaceable components

Cove Perfekt in Armstrong Axiom® Coves

Reduce installation costs by up to 90%

The product of an exclusive Armstrong and Axis partnership, Cove Perfekt was designed in sync with Axiom. The result is a foolproof, pre-engineered cove system and aim-free, high-performance cove light that were made for each other. Maximize lighting efficiency while further simplifying installation and onsite trade coordination.

The Axitune Approach

Color-changing technologies made simple

Axis strives to reduce the complexities of these technologies by embedding as much intelligence and programming into the luminaire as possible. Our Axitune Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White and Color Tuning systems have been extensively tested to ensure proper system performance across the factors that matter most to you.