SoftZone® Samples

Axis supports your color-matching decisions by offering SoftZone samples of its acoustic panel material. All samples are free and shipped for free. We recommend ordering samples to ensure your final acoustic lighting selection is a suitable match for your project.

Architectural acoustic lighting made easy

Choose from 40 Softzone® acoustic material colors used with Stencil®, SculptTM, Spatial Softzone and StencilFlex® panels and lighting.

US customers:

Visit our US ordering portal or place an order for individual samples by clicking directly on desired colors below. For a full box of all 40 color samples, contact your local rep.

Canadian customers:

Please order your free samples directly through your local rep.

Select samples from the color palettes below.

See the difference. Hear the difference.

Order samples by clicking on desired colors below (US customers) or by contacting your rep (Canadian customers).

Standard Color Palette

Note: When ordering SoftZone panels in Standard colors, you have the option to order matching SoftZone luminaire housings for a coordinated look. Housing color finishes (RAL, HSS & PMS codes) come in matte or glossy depending on the selected color. Consult your Axis representative for details.

Extended Color Palette

Note: When ordering SoftZone products, acoustic panels with Standard colors ship faster than panels with colors from the Extended palette