Installation advancements

Installing architectural lighting doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. At Axis, we try to make life easier for the commercial lighting installer. Because innovation is at the heart of what we do, we are naturally driven to develop installation advancements that save time, labor and materials. Here are some of our most notable mounting innovations.

Stencil® Surface

Designed for simplicity

No matter how much care we invest in the design and manufacture of our lighting systems, we know that they must eventually be installed by others. For this reason, we’ve designed many of our luminaires with easy-to-install features and time-saving mounting methods to ensure fast and forgiving installations. For example, Stencil Surface shown opposite was designed for more hassle-free, affordable mounting with total installation freedom, on and off the grid.

Click Render Recessed SO Reception  01 CO


The first true install-from-below shallow LED luminaire

To meet the shallow plenum challenge, we designed Click with a patented hassle-free installation system. In four steps, you’re done. In the end, it simply 'clicks' into place. The luminaire installs fast and easy in restricted plenum spaces because it truly installs from below. Also, it features the patent-pending InstaJoiner, which simplifies fixture-to-fixture mechanical, electrical and control connections. Click is compatible with closed grids, drywall ceilings and Armstrong® on-center ceiling systems.

Click installation video

Sketch Photo Recessed Shadow Mountain HS PAC 01 CO

Sketch® Recessed

Innovative mounting hardware

Sketch lets you draw with light. Available in pendant and recessed versions, Sketch allows you to combine curved and straight sections to create majestic lighting statements. Sketch Recessed modules install neatly into gypsum board ceilings and join together precisely, thanks to a system of unique, patented mounting details. The result is a very clean installation in drywall ceilings, ensuring a continuous flow of light.

Sketch Recessed installation video

Cove Ceiling Render Elevator Hallway 05 CO

Cove Perfekt™

The new standard in cove lighting

In addition to providing up to three times the efficiency of fluorescent and other LED cove systems, Cove Perfekt features patented SurroundLite® flat optics that bend light and eliminate the need for aiming, while delivering balanced luminance. But there is also an impressive installation story. You have the luminaire’s integral driver, plug-and-play construction, telescoping cables for easy installation and maintenance, and its design integration with Armstrong® Axiom cove lights, ensuring easy specification, keyed mounting and tool-free installation.

Edge2 Product Pendant 45 Perspective Bg Gray 03 CO


Multi-use mounting grooves

Axis developed the Edge 2 luminaire with InstaMount grooves that have both esthetic and practical functions. They facilitate pendant installation but they can also be used to suspend signage and to enhance the decor with custom colors. In surface- and wall-mount applications, the groove combines with a special gasket to eliminate gaps and help level the luminaire when installed on uneven surfaces.

Sculpt T Aligner CO


An industry first

Developed by Axis, the T-Aligner is a patented accessory offering a foolproof solution for aligning T-bars on either side of a Sculpt™ luminaire or lighting kit. It is designed to maintain ceiling integrity by connecting and stabilizing cut T-bars. And it is compatible with all T-bar profiles including slot-T and Tegular formats. No need to specify it... The T-Aligner comes with Sculpt recessed luminaires when needed.