F.L.E.X Technology™

A bold new approach for improved design flexibility

What is F.L.E.X?

It’s all about freedom of design

In a nutshell, F.L.E.X Technology™ promotes creativity, simplifies design and lowers costs for commercial lighting. F.L.E.X combines several patented innovations to form an adaptable, cost-effective line‑voltage structure that delivers true building-scale solutions, layers of light anywhere you need them, integral wired or wireless control throughout, as well as energy and emergency code compliance no matter the lighting design. Axis is developing a collection of specially engineered lighting systems based on F.L.E.X Technology: StencilFlex® is the newly released pendant version, while the recessed and surface versions are under development.

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How does it work?

It’s a delivery system for layers of light

  • Framework
  • Lighting inserts
  • Empower technology
  • X-Factor: Design freedom

F.L.E.X Technology™ offers a building‑block approach to architectural lighting design, with interchangeable lighting elements and the ability to meet evolving needs. F.L.E.X comprises four main elements: Frameworks, Lighting inserts, Empower technology and virtually limitless design freedom. A good deal of that freedom is based on F.L.E.X line-voltage engineering. 

Unlike with low‑voltage lighting, F.L.E.X is very energy‑efficient regardless of the layout, with low lighting power densities that ensure compliance with local energy codes based on ASHRAE/IESNA standards.


Creating neighborhoods of light

The Framework is a streamlined, cost-effective line-voltage structure based on patented IMW™ (Integral Modular Wiring) technology. Depending on lighting requirements and design intent, a F.L.E.X layout can include several frameworks, each one a neighborhood light, or it can form a single, large-scale framework with multiple neighborhoods of light.

  • Framework design allows for different patterns built using segments and Hubs.
  • Repeatable geometric forms include triangles, parallelograms, hexagons and squares.
  • Cables and lighting insert wire-in terminals are already built into segments.
  • Wiring is standard 277 V with standard 4” j-box at each power drop.
  • Power/control cabling is concealed in suspension stems (StencilFlex®).
  • IMW segments are prewired according to lighting control needs.
  • Integrated emergency lighting capability, unlike for low-voltage systems.

Lighting Inserts

Orchestrating layers of light

Lighting inserts snap into framework segments and are easily wired-in using IMW™ terminals. Inserts feature Nomadic™ technology to facilitate interchangeability (assistance of certified electrician required). Each insert is equipped with an IMW rapid-wiring terminal and a mini line‑voltage driver, eliminating the need to install remote drivers.

  • Linear Lighting Inserts (direct, indirect, direct-indirect, including MikroLite® downlighting and wall washing elements).
  • AxisTrak™ Inserts allowing for the integration of AxisTrak lighting elements, Axis decorative pendants and third-party pendants anywhere along the rail.

Innovative IMW™ line-voltage frameworks and Nomadic™ lighting inserts herald a new approach to luminaire wiring that brings down the cost of architectural lighting.


Empower technology

Worry-free wireless control

F.L.E.X lets you fully control lighting layouts using Empower technology. This easy-to-use wireless platform leverages open‑standard design flexibility and individually controlled inserts, ensuring more freedom to create visually engaging lighting that is smart and connected.

  • Every insert features a mini driver and an Empower mini control module compatible with leading lighting control manufacturers.
  • Open protocols facilitate wireless programming through application software provided by qualified Empower partners.
  • Built-in intelligence means that wireless control is available in every insert, at all times… Move the insert, the control moves with it.
  • Highly precise resolution-of-one control enables custom luminaire groupings.
  • Standard circuit-based 0-10V wired controls also available.

F.L.E.X lighting systems incorporate a broad range of layers of light and, in the case of StencilFlex®, layers of sound attenuation, as well.