SoftZone® acoustic lighting

Acoustics play an important role in occupant performance and well-being in office interiors. Noisy, open office areas, sound-reflecting surfaces and other low-absorption design elements can increase the background din, distract occupants and contribute to lower productivity in the workplace. 
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About Acoustics

Sound absorption

When sound strikes a surface or a wall, some of it is reflected (reverberation), some of it is absorbed and some of it is transmitted to the other side. The nature of the obstacle determines how much sound is reflected, absorbed and transmitted.

A measure of a material’s performance is the absorption coefficient α:

α = 0 if totally reflective

α = 1 if totally absorptive and/or transmissive

The more sound absorption you need,
the more SoftZone panels you use in the space.

Different surfaces have different sound-absorbing properties. Porous matter, such as carpeting, wood and the material used for SoftZone, are very effective at absorbing sound. In comparison, hard and smooth surfaces, such as concrete, plate glass and metal, reflect acoustic energy and create reverberation that SoftZone panels help to absorb.

Color Palette

Mix colors to match interior design elements

Why SoftZone

SoftZone improves acoustics by enhancing speech clarity where needed and by preventing people’s conversations from disturbing other people. SoftZone features a modular approach that lets you vary the quantity of panels required to achieve the desired level of sound attenuation.

SoftZone Affordability Icon


Less costly than building separate acoustic tile ceilings.
SoftZone Design Flexibilty Icon

Design Flexibility

Horizontal and vertical options, building system integration possibilities, large choice of colors and design-friendly shapes.
SoftZone Layering Icon


Leverage Stencil’s design capabilities to modulate layers of sound attenuation in addition to layers of light (ambient, accent, MikroLite™).
SoftZone Scalability Icon


Add SoftZone panels in step with the development needs of any space.
SoftZone Adaptability Icon


Create neighborhoods of noise control by using SoftZone where you need sound attenuation.
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Cost-effective Retrofits

Stencil SoftZone panels can be easily reconfigured or added to existing Stencil Pendant layouts.

Vertical Solutions:
Sculpt SoftZone

Linear creativity

  • Combine vertical panels with Sculpt Pendant luminaires to add linear rhythm while softening ambient noise levels.
  • The top of Sculpt SoftZone vertical panels is level with the uplight optics of Sculpt Pendant luminaires, providing true indirect lighting and a sophisticated architectural esthetic.

Learn more about Sculpt SoftZone.

Horizontal Solutions:
Stencil SoftZone

Superior cost-effectiveness

  • The same amount of SoftZone material in horizontal panels provides almost twice the sound absorption of vertical panels.
  • Compared to vertical SoftZone panels, horizontal SoftZone panels are more effective at trapping sound and they are better at reducing visual clutter.

Learn more about Stencil SoftZone.

Easy-to-clean SoftZone panels

Made from polyester fill with natural anti-microbial properties
Clean Icon Vacuum

Periodic dusting with vacuum or dry cloth recommended. 

Clean Icon Cloth

For stain removal, use a small amount of soap or detergent on a wet cloth.

Clean Icon Spray Bottle

For added disinfection, use bleach solution (5 tablespoons per gallon of water), spray onto surface and gently wipe to spread all over.