Illuminating Insights: Peter Hugh

A look at some of today’s most influential lighting designers

Celebrating 30 years as a leading source for architectural lighting across North America, Axis Lighting is launching a seven-part video series showcasing prominent lighting designers and how they are shaping the industry
Peter Hugh

With a creative approach rooted in Zen and Daoism principles, Chicago-based lighting designer Peter Hugh shares his views on how theatre has influenced his craft and on the importance of developing genuinely people‑oriented luminous environments. In addition, Hugh discusses the current state of the lighting industry, offering insights on the need for manufacturers to evolve with more adaptable products and on the new challenges for reps. Unafraid to bend the rules to deliver lighting for people rather than for effect, Hugh also mentions stepping back during the pandemic to rethink his trade, revealing boldness through vulnerability in his quest for renewal and new ideas.

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