Creative Geometric and Linear Lighting System

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Inspired by Le Corbusier

More design freedom through innovation

Geometric Lighting is an exclusive Axis innovation that uses timeless forms to create an infinite number of lighting configurations. This new level of creative expression is enabled by Sculpt, one of Axis’s most flexible linear systems.

Sculpt Linear: Individual segments and runs
Sculpt Geometric: Choice of square/rectangular forms and non-rectangular forms
Sculpt SideStep: Minimalist square and rectangular open-center forms featuring a uniformly diffuse one-piece lens​​​
Sculpt SoftZone™: Acoustic lighting design tool for creating vertical architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties

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Sculpt Geometric Ceiling

Geometric Lighting

An evolution in ceiling lighting design

Build on traces of light only 1.5" wide. Enjoy freedom from traditional ceiling footprints and create added space for sprinklers, speakers, vents and other ceiling system components. Sculpt’s streamlined look is ideal for creating rhythm and movement in a space.

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Simple is Sophisticated

A cleaner look. A smaller footprint.

Geometric Lighting generates negative space in a standard ceiling grid without adding T-bars, thanks to the patented, integrated MiniFlange. Installing Sculpt is made easy with a patented T-Aligner™ designed to align T-bars and stabilize grids.

Drag and Drop Design

The ceiling is your canvas

Geometric Lighting lets you choose from a palette of ceiling kits to create simple, never-before-seen patterns. Deliver light where needed most without compromising visual comfort. With no performance trade-offs and a host of features, Sculpt is everything you expect and more.

Breakthrough Lighting Design

Sculpt Geometric - Square/Rectangular Forms

Rethink ceiing grid illumination with Sculpt’s exclusive palette of square and rectangular Geometric Lighting ceiling kits.


Beyond the grid

Sculpt Geometric - Non-Rectangular Forms

Reinvent ceiling lighting design with Sculpt’s expanded palette of non-rectangular Geometric Lighting ceiling kits.


Sculpt Geometric Render Recessed Kindergarten

Sculpt Non-Rectangular

New forms creating new design opportunities

Break free of traditional 2x2 and 2x4 ceiling footprints with Sculpt Geometric non-rectangular recessed lighting elements, featuring 23 precision-tooled triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids engineered specifically for Armstrong® DESIGNFlex™ Ceiling Systems.

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Integrated Solution

DESIGNFlex and Sculpt

Reinvent the ceiling with a vast selection of mix‑and-match ceiling designs and integrated ceiling-lighting solutions.

  • Based on 15/16” Prelude® and 9/16” Suprafine® suspension systems
  • Choice of 2’ and 4’ grids (4’ option being more cost-effective)
  • Choice of angles: 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
  • Compatible with various acoustical tiles, including Lyra®, Calla®, Ultima®, MetalWorks™ and WoodWorks®
  • Mix and match sizes, shapes, colors and materials for a new level of creative expression

Innovative Lighting Control Capabilities

Increase control. Create allure. Save Watts.

Discover the esthetic, practical and energy-smart side to Sculpt’s innovative lighting control capabilities. Create patterns and/or paths by controlling parts or sections of Geometric Lighting ceiling kits separately. Provide multilevel lighting while decluttering the ceiling. Improve lighting effectiveness while enjoying maximum design flexibility.

Sculpt Steplens Size

Adding a new dimension

StepLens Option

StepLens features an elegant balance of forms that extend luminance onto adjacent surfaces and ceiling tiles for a soft, balanced glow on the ceiling plane. StepLens can also add visual interest by offering a choice of luminous and opaque endcaps. Available with all Sculpt lighting systems, including Geometric Lighting ceiling kits.

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MikroLite™ 1.5

Visually discreet, yet very powerful

Sculpt accepts MikroLite 1.5 downlights, which feature a 1.5” square-in-square optical system that delivers superior visual comfort and flawless color mixing. Its tunable precision optics produce streak-free vertical surfaces. It is the first high-performance, high-CRI, glare-free, color tunable linear micro downlight that is so powerful, it can be used for both general lighting and high-ceiling applications.

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Adjustable Accents

Integrated task lighting

Create appealing layers of light and bring the excitement of theatre and stage lighting to your project. Flexible Sculpt Adjustable Accent modules can meet the most demanding lighting requirements. Thanks to exclusive patent-pending end mount technology, position Accents anywhere along runs, including at the end of runs or in the corner of geometric forms. Accents can also be used in combination with lensed segments.

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The Axitune Approach

Color-changing technologies made simple

Axis strives to reduce the complexities of these technologies by embedding as much intelligence and programming into the luminaire as possible. Our Axitune Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White and Color Tuning systems have been extensively tested to ensure proper system performance across the factors that matter most to you.