Edge 2

Linear & Corner Ambient Lighting

Edge 2 Render Corner Ceiling Office Hall

Wall, pendant and surface lighting

Inspired lighting concepts. Unprecedented versatility.

Get ready to create your most original lighting configurations with Edge 2. This versatile, linear, ambient lighting tool uses a two-sided lens to allow lighting designs with vertical, horizontal and corner mounts in both surface and pendant options. Plus, you can use Edge 2 just about anywhere—along perimeter walls, where walls meet ceilings or where walls intersect.

Edge 2 brochure

Edge 2 Render Wall Hotel Hallway Detail

Limitless possibilities

A new way to light. And to complement a space.

Imagine lighting up an entire floor or space with a single luminaire. It’s possible with Edge 2. Frame, trace and outline any indoor space or element with original lighting configurations. Edge 2 solutions also combine with Beam 2 Square Recessed to smoothen wall-to-ceiling transitions and form novel layouts.

Innovative installation system

InstaMount™ grooves have both esthetic and practical functions. They run along the full length of the housing and facilitate installation, but they can also be used to suspend signage and enhance the decor with custom colors.

Edge 2 Product Wall Ceiling Corner Direct Perspective

Extensive design flexibility

Frame, trace and outline any space

Put light where you want and need it with lines of light that fill the space. Edge 2’s two-sided lens features uniformly illuminated surfaces that deliver controlled luminance and superior visual comfort. Surface-mount corner luminaires frame the space and add architectural appeal. 

  • Available in specific lengths and continuous runs.
  • Mounts anywhere: New construction and Retrofit/Remodel.
  • Mini-backplate (provided) with concealed power feed for wall and surface mount.
Edge 2 Render Wall Corner Ceiling Bathroom

Designed for the human experience

Lighting for visual comfort

Edge 2 was created with human outcomes in mind. Its double lens disperses light over twice the surface area to significantly reduce contrast and improve visual comfort, especially for high-output applications. And the two-sided lens produces people-friendly vertical illumination, sending more light towards the eye while improving facial recognition.