VL Optics™

Available on a large number of Axis products, the VL Optic™ adds efficiency and visual comfort to luminaire design. Unlike typical diffusers, the VL Optic does not scatter light. Instead, its precise, miniature prisms direct light away from glare zones with very high (92%) light transmission. This mutes lamp image and hot spots, and eliminates high-angle glare.

VL Optics

Optimal design

The VL Optic is produced under high heat and pressure, permitting the formation of conical prisms with a remarkably tight radius (20 µm), a refractive index of 1.49 and cutoff greater than 60º. This results in an optimal lens for visual comfort, without sacrificing luminaire efficiency.

With the VL Optic, Axis provides the ultimate in “soft lighting” featuring bright surfaces, comfortable direct brightness, no harsh contrast and ample illumination.


2xVL Optics

Precision optics with square-in-square appearance

The 2xVL Optic incorporates two distinct prism designs: inner area prisms, identical to VL Optic prisms, are concentrated to mitigate glare, while outer area prisms allow more light to filter through, producing an appealing glow.

The 2xVL Optic features in the SkyeView family of luminaires.