Graze Perfekt™

New optics technology for exciting light grazing

Graze Render Recessed Collaboration Area

New TIR Optics

Innovative optics for high-appeal grazing

Graze Perfekt combines high-performance wall grazing optics and the 1.5"-wide aperture of the Sculpt housing. The luminaire is designed to do more than highlight wall textures and enhance the space with dramatic wall grazing effects. Its innovative and compact linear silicone TIR (total internal reflection) optic delivers a precise, consistent, wide-beam angle (10º x 100º) without color-over-angle artifacts.

Graze Perfekt Summary

Graze Render Pendant Custom Green Conference Room

Adaptable and Flexible

Easy to specify and install

To facilitate and accelerate installation, Graze Perfekt features field-cuttable modules for a precise finish. With its wide spread of light, the silicone TIR optic ensures consistent graze effect between modules.

1. Specify the required right angle: inner corner or outer corner.

2. Specify the total length of luminaires required.

The Axitune Approach

Color-changing technologies made simple

Axis strives to reduce the complexities of these technologies by embedding as much intelligence and programming into the luminaire as possible. Our Axitune Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White and Color Tuning systems have been extensively tested to ensure proper system performance across the factors that matter most to you.