Wall Wash Perfekt™

High-performance wall washer featuring SurroundLite™

Wall Wash Perfekt Render Pendant Work Lounge

Powerful and Cost-Effective

SurroundLite technology for up to ten-foot spacing

Wall Wash Perfekt combines a small form factor with patent-pending asymmetric, vertical SurroundLite™ optics featuring wide, visually comfortable 3D distribution for ten-foot spacing. Luminaires can be spaced wider apart while maintaining a consistent, quality wall washing effect.

Wall Wash Perfekt Summary

Wall Wash Perfekt Render Pendant AP Architects Open Office

Flexible and Adaptable

Versatile and easy-to-install modules

Wall Wash Perfekt is available in 1’ nominal, 2’ nominal or continuous runs and in surface, pendant or regressed mount. Modules are accessible from below, facilitating maintenance and installation, especially in drywall applications.