Esthetics. Performance. Versatility.


Ribbons of light featuring SurroundLite™

Combining superior esthetics, quality performance and unparalleled versatility, Pose offers new opportunities to capture the beauty and benefits of true asymmetric lighting without angled optics or bulky mounting hardware.

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One clean look

A form that fits in nicely

Design simplicity and architectural esthetics lay the foundation of Pose, a timeless, compact form that lends itself to creating an appealing soft glow.

With its clean lines and lightweight aluminum construction, Pose appears to be floating. Its streamlined look is enhanced by a smooth, pixilation-free uniform lens.


Lighting options you can work with

Choose between two optics – true asymmetric distribution or a soft Lambertian glow – for a total of four combinations to choose from.

The asymmetric light source is a patented SurroundLite optic delivering superior performance and balanced luminance. The Lambertian optic produces a soft luminous effect that mitigates contrast.


Endless design possibilities

From the simplicity afforded by two optics, two illuminated sides and two mounting planes come unlimited lighting design options…

On any of its two mounting planes, Pose can be installed with the driver compartment pointing up or down, horizontally or vertically. In addition to continuous runs, Pose can be used in patterns and corners, as well as in coves.

Pose Render Wall Right Angle Corner AP Open Space CO


Shaping ribbons of light for added architectural integration

Patterns and shapes can be formed with corners facing in or out. Inner and outer corners feature a solid, non-luminous corner element. Patterns and corners are installed using right angle mountings.



Ideal for cove-less coves

This version of Pose features the smallest knife-edge profile in the lighting industry. Made of a single extrusion, Pose Knife Edge is available with a solid, non luminous bottom and asymmetric uplight optic. Continuous runs and corner patterns also available.

Pose Knife Edge lets you add cove details in a space without the hassle and cost of building coves. Use the luminaire as a shallow ledge or hidden indirect light source to create your own cove-less cove solution.


Open up the space in unexpected ways

Use Pose with an asymmetric optic for existing coves or create cove-less coves with a second illuminated side emitting a soft glow. Produce cove lighting effects in recessed pockets of space and ceiling indents.

Pose and Pose Knife Edge let you save on cove construction time and materials, design detailing and coordination. Pose is also suitable for cove retrofits, whether mounted horizontally or vertically.

A wide range of distributions

With a maximum output of 1000 lm/ft and a choice of asymmetric SurroundLite and Lambertian distribution combinations, Pose is capable of delivering the light levels needed for the most demanding applications.


Easy four-step installation

Position, level and fasten the Pose track system to the wall or ceiling. Remove cover to align fixture mounting holes with anchoring bolts on track system. Tighten to secure in place before making electrical connections. Snap in cover and tighten set screw to complete installation.

Mounting flexibility, multiple application solutions

With its innovative design and mounting flexibility, Pose could easily result in the broadest number of applications ever offered by a single luminaire.