The CoeLux® concept

Axis Lighting is proud to bring the CoeLux experience to North America. This is the first time Axis offers a luminaire designed by others. But this is no ordinary product... It’s daylight in a box.
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Daylight delivered

Simply surreal

CoeLux lets you bring daylight anywhere inside the built environment. It transforms your experience of indoor illumination by precisely creating the look and feel of blue skies on a sunny day.

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The CoeLux® Concept

Experience outside, inside

CoeLux brings the outside in to connect people with their surroundings on a deeper level. And people respond well because the CoeLux brand of daylight is a perfect replica of blue skies on a sunny day, with all the related physical and health benefits.

As creatures of nature, we are drawn to the way CoeLux illuminates and enhances objects, giving them volume and shape through light and shadow. But we are also attracted by the way CoeLux changes our perception of reality, instilling positive feelings linked to being outdoors.

CoeLux Sun Real Light CO

The CoeLux® Concept

Recreate natural light

CoeLux leverages science to bring the outside in. The illusion is perfect, except it’s not an illusion. CoeLux features nanostructured materials to replicate the Rayleigh scattering effect, responsible for our perception of a blue sky.

CoeLux also uses the latest LED technology to create the full spectrum of sunlight, as well as a sophisticated optical system to mimic the distance between sun and sky. With CoeLux, you feel the physical and biophilic effects of daylight because your experience is real.

Coelux Elevating Wellness CO

The CoeLux® Concept

Improve occupant health

By bringing the outside in, CoeLux elevates wellness. As it channels natural light, CoeLux not only transforms a space, it transforms occupant well-being. A randomized perception study* commissioned by CoeLux compared two identical windowless rooms, under similar lighting conditions. CoeLux consistently outperformed the standard LED solution in all the perceived ambient quality attributes, including visual comfort, mood, anxiety and productivity.

* Download Perception Study realized by Bartenbach GmbH, commissioned by CoeLux.


Let the sunshine in

CoeLux technology is ideal for all types of indoor architectural applications, particularly windowless rooms and underground spaces. It provides soothing, invigorating light similar to daylight and a sensation of infinite space that dramatically changes interiors and how people perceive them.

Healthcare | Hospitality | Retail | Office Space | Architectural | Residential | Public

CoeLux offers a range of upscale architectural solutions under three families


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