Zen Square

Architectural Downlight featuring SurroundLite™

Zen SQ Dimensions

Sleek Luminaire design

Superior lighting power and visual comfort

Zen Square's patent-pending inverted "U" form provides soft, comfortable LED lighting. It emits more downward luminance from the top than from the sides. The pendant version uses SurroundLite™ optics to open up the space by delivering ample, glare-free downlighting and reflected light throughout. Luminaire also available in a Zen version.

Zen & Zen Square Brochure

Zen Square Render AP Open Office 02 CO

The SurroundLite Story

Adding dimension to LED lighting

High-performance SurroundLite optics produce a visually appealing, non-Lambertian, 3D spherical batwing light distribution.

  • Uniformly diffused lighting similar to daylight
  • Wide planes of light in all directions: ceiling, corners, walls
  • Reduced contrast on the ceiling, improving visual comfort
  • Wide spacing, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space


Zen Square Form HP

Zen Square Forms

Powerful, elegant pendant alternatives

Take pendant lighting concepts to new heights with the graceful presence of Zen Square Forms. The available Y- and X-shaped luminaires generate significant visual interest against the ceiling line while creating opportunities for appealing neighborhoods of light, rhythmic layouts and unique configurations. Suited for low- and high‑ceiling spaces, Zen Square Forms offer three direct-indirect lighting distribution options. Outputs range from 500 to 1350 lumens/ft. Choice of open- or closed-hub designs.

Convenient and Compact

Integral LED mini-driver

This dimmable integral LED mini-driver is one of the smallest of its kind in the world.
It reduces installation time and costs by eliminating the need for remote drivers.

Innovative Optics

High-performance lensing options

One-piece acrylic lens with microgroove Spotless lens (MSO) shielding • Microgroove extruded aluminum (MAL) side shielding with upper acrylic lens • Spotless acrylic (SO) side shielding

Zen Square Recessed Exposed Profile Render Application Corp Lounge

Pendant. Wall. Recessed.

Create architecturally cohesive designs

In addition to pendant and wall-mount options, Zen Square offers style-matched recessed lighting opportunities. High-efficacy downlighting elements disappear into the ceiling while providing excellent lighting design flexibility. Zen Square Recessed integrates perfectly into any decor.