In addition to developing proprietary lighting technologies, Axis integrates partner technologies to provide advanced solutions that meet specific quality lighting needs.


Color Tuning

Axitune® Color Tuning allows designers and occupants to use color as a design tool. You can tailor brightness, CCT, saturation and hue to your desired preferences while maintaining superior color consistency. Color Tuning is a 4‑channel system that delivers high quality white as well as deep saturated colors. Fixture-to-fixture consistency is assured by intelligence in the luminaire. It integrates the Araya 5 light engine, which achieves a full range and spectrum of color using DMX.

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With Axitune® Dim-to-Warm, color goes from cool to warm as you dim. No added control system is required. You get a consistent linear dimming curve every time using any dimmable driver. At full intensity, you have a CCT of 3000K. As you dim, the color temperature goes to a warmer 2000K, which has been validated in research as a preferred range.

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Tunable White

Axitune® Tunable White is designed to meet the changing needs and preferences of users. It provides simple, two-channel control over color warmth and brightness. Simply select color temperature and dim it. Two ranges of CCTs available (2700K to 5000K or 6500K).

Circadian lighting made simple

BIOS SkyBlue™

BIOS SkyBlue helps create environments that improve alertness and promote better sleep, health and well-being. It is useful in everyday applications where people stand to benefit most from enhanced alertness, including healthcare facilities, educational establishments and control centers. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into several Axis luminaires. SkyBlue is available in Static SkyBlue and Dynamic SkyBlue spectrum solutions, in a choice of color temperatures. It is also available in a DynamicCare™ for BalancedCare™ version, suitable for BalancedCare products only, and a BIOS Tunable White version.

Experience the sky


Thanks to exclusive technology from Italy, CoeLux reproduces the sun’s movement, the sky’s infinite depth and the associated beneficial effects of natural light like no other product in the world. CoeLux technology is ideal for all types of indoor architectural applications, particularly windowless rooms and underground spaces. It provides soothing, invigorating light similar to daylight and a sensation of infinite space that dramatically changes interiors and how people perceive them.


The freedom of wireless controls


Enjoy design freedom at all levels without having to worry about controls. Empower technology supports advanced wireless resolution-of-one controls. With Empower by Axis, every luminaire is equipped with a mini driver and a mini control module, ensuring full connectivity and control. Move the luminaire, the control moves with it. Empower uses the latest open-standard lighting control technology, facilitating wireless programming through application software provided by qualified Empower partners.

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Advanced expertise


Over the years, Axis has developed considerable PoE expertise that supports customers, market partners and PoE manufacturers in delivering the optimal PoE solution for robust building system integration. PoE lighting enables the transmission of power and data using a single low‑voltage cable, facilitating digital communication with the lighting system and integration with other building systems. Axis has performed extensive PoE (Power over Ethernet) testing in its laboratory on all Axis luminaires to ensure quality performance in keeping with the UL requirement for low-voltage systems (UL 2108).

Adding dimension to LED lighting


Developed by Axis, this innovative technology is designed to get more out of LED lighting. The specially engineered light guide is made of precisely coded and aligned molecules that shape LED output in all three dimensions. It features wide 3D indirect distribution, exceptional uniformity and reduced cave effect, resulting in more cost-effective spacing. SurroundLite is offered in a wide range of distributions – direct, indirect, asymmetric, direct‑indirect – for a multitude of applications, including cove, perimeter and wall wash lighting.