Architectural Performance Recessed Luminaire

Day1x2 Render Recessed Daycare

Perfect blend of performance and timeless esthetics

Simple lens provides soft light

Combining reliability, performance, visual comfort, installation flexibility and overall cost-effectiveness, Day LED raises the bar for LED lighting in mainstream applications. Optional integral controls further enable Day LED systems to reduce energy consumption and meet increasingly stringent code requirements.

Day LED provides soft, diffused brightness. With its simple lens frame, the contoured optic conceals the LED array, while lighting up evenly and ensuring consistent LED color. The luminaire features a wide range of electrical and mounting options, in addition to a 3 7/8” housing, which is ideal for shallow plenums, and a choice of curved or flat lens.

Day Product Sheet

The Axitune Approach

Color-changing technologies made simple

Axis strives to reduce the complexities of these technologies by embedding as much intelligence and programming into the luminaire as possible. Our Axitune Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White and Color Tuning systems have been extensively tested to ensure proper system performance across the factors that matter most to you.