PoE Lighting

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All Axis luminaires are available for POE systems and have been tested to meet UL 2108.

Contact your Axis rep for specification details.


What is POE Lighting?

Flesh these bullets out into a simple paragraph.
• Data and power together
• New (ish) protocol allows 50 or 90 watts per
port which is a game changer that allow sufficient
LED power for commercial lighting applications
• Different systems pros and cons, we can
• System integration opportunities for owners
and facility managers

Quality support for your projects

We test all POE systems in our in-house lab to ensure quality performance, providing feedback in support of POE product development. We have evolved and expanded our solutions engineering and factory production techniques to support and optimize the deployment of all system architectures. Training

Leading the way

At Axis, we have worked closely with our customers, market partners and POE manufacturers to discover how to deliver POE lighting in a way that is responsible to the lighting design intent. POE offers robust building system integration opportunities, and as interest grows in the owner community we believe is an opportunity.