Beam 3

Comprehensive Linear LED Lighting

Beam3 Photo Recessed

Complete Linear Toolbox

Designed to meet the most demanding lighting challenges

This complete linear lighting toolbox features a streamlined linear form factor designed for maximum versatility. It is available in multiple mountings, including recessed, pendant, surface, wall, vertical and perimeter, enabling you to create cohesive designs that unite the space.

TwinBeam3 Product Pendant AP SO 2 5 Glo Lens Perspective View Bg Gray 01 CO

Exceptional Optical Flexibility

Choose from high-performance optics and distributions

Optics can soften light, prevent glare, enhance visual interest of the light source and combine with LED modules to produce high-performance lighting. The Beam family supports a wide choice of optics and distributions, including SurroundLite™​​​ optics and direct/indirect illumination. With their superior flexibility, Beam products create a balance between esthetics, visual comfort and lighting performance.

Beam3 SL Grid

Innovative designs

New additions to the family

Beam 3 SurroundLite Recessed is a very shallow luminaire (only 2.25" deep) that provides wide spacing, lighting uniformity and superior visual comfort.

Beam 3 SL Recessed Product Sheet

Patterns & Corners

Infuse designs with creativity

Expand the possibilities of linear lighting with unique patterns featuring fully illuminated corners. From funky designs to continuous runs, bring your imagination to light with the versatility of the Beam family of linear luminaires.

Beam3 Techzone

Beam 3 and TechZone®

Leave the noise and clutter behind

Armstrong® TechZone Ceiling Systems are based on 3”-, 6”- or 12”-wide technical zones for everything from air diffusers to sound systems. The result: a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems, and a layout that accepts Beam 3 LED and Beam 6 LED luminaires, ensuring integrated lighting design.
Modern Building


From integrated controls to connected lighting

Axis Lighting can help you achieve your lighting design vision while remaining on the cutting edge of sustainable architecture. Find out more about our Controls-Ready program, offering all the support you need to ensure the successful implementation of lighting control projects. Discover Axis’s advanced expertise in connected lighting to future-proof your facility, including wireless, PoE and other state-of-the-art connected controls.

The Axitune Approach

Color-changing technologies made simple

Axis strives to reduce the complexities of these technologies by embedding as much intelligence and programming into the luminaire as possible. Our Axitune Dim-to-Warm, Tunable White and Color Tuning systems have been extensively tested to ensure proper system performance across the factors that matter most to you.