Drawing with light

Sketch Form Photo Pendant AP Steve Nash Fitness

Stunning and Versatile

Adding organic rhythm and grace to the space

Using Sketch, lighting can now flow with the same grace as lines emanate from a pencil. Circles, softly rounded rectangles, simple arcs and sinuous forms – all are possible. Sketch expresses interior architectural design, and integrates elegantly with it.

Sketch Pendant Summary

Sketch Recessed Brochure

Sketch Recessed Installation Video

Sketch Curve Shape

Infinite Combinations

Create new, innovative forms

The Sketch system, available in recessed and pendant mount, includes curved sections based on circles with diameters from 3’ to 23’ nominal, as well as various straight segments. Together, they can combine into practically unlimited configurations. Creating fresh and interesting lighting has never been so easy.


Clean and Easy

Innovative mounting hardware facilitates installation

Sketch Recessed modules install neatly into gypsum board ceilings and join together precisely, thanks to a system of unique, patented mounting details. Each recessed module includes a laser-cut mounting frame that templates the ceiling opening and supports the luminaire while an additional steel bridge is provided to span the opening and ensure that exact spacing is maintained. Once the drywall ceiling is installed, precise openings for the luminaire can be cut with a rotary saw.

Sketch Photo Recessed Suntrust

The SurroundLite™ Story

Adding dimension to LED lighting

Sketch Pendant features high-performance SurroundLite optics that produce a visually appealing, non-Lambertian, 3D, spherical batwing light distribution.

  • Uniformly diffuse lighting similar to daylight
  • Wide planes of light in all directions: ceiling, corners, walls
  • Reduce contrast on the ceiling, improving visual comfort
  • Wide spacing, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space