Creative Architectural Recessed Luminaire

Skyefall Render Recessed Corporate Cafeteria

Create luminous ceilings

Flexible, playful and made to inspire

Form stunning luminous ceilings with SkyeFall, a quality product with crisp corners and a uniform glow, all in a recessed housing less than 5” deep. The luminaire features a planar recessed 2’x2’ footprint that delivers a clean esthetic.

Use SkyeFall on its own or in combination with other SkyeFall luminaires that have identical or different lens depths. Indeed, SkyeFall offers a choice of drop-lens heights, from flush to 7”, for a fresh, new approach to playing with illuminated volumes. The SkyeFall drop-lens option lets you add interest to the ceiling line, while adding layers of luminance to adjacent ceilings and walls based on the selected drop-lens dimension.

SkyeFall Product Sheet

Choice of drop-lens heights