Ceiling Integration

Over the last few years, we have partnered with Armstrong® to create leading integrated ceiling and lighting solutions. The result: Seamless architectural integration, easy on-site trade coordination, simple installation and optimized lighting performance.
Trayfit Render Troffer 2x2 Dynamax Ceiling CO


Ceiling grid does the heavy lifting

Wires and cables are critical infrastructure of technology spaces like data centers. But cable trays are heavy. The DynaMax™ Suspension System by Armstrong is designed to carry the load and TRAYFIT, a custom-designed luminaire from Axis, is the perfect fit in both form and function.

DynaMaxTM is owned by Worthington Armstrong Venture.


DESIGNFlex™ Ceiling Systems and Geometric™

Break free of traditional 2x2 and 2x4 grids

Enjoy freedom from traditional ceiling footprints with the Geometric family of recessed non-rectangular lighting elements. Geometric features 23 precision-tooled triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids engineered specifically for Armstrong DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems.

Armstrong On-Center Ceiling Systems & Click

Meeting the shallow plenum challenge

As plenum depth shrinks, shallow luminaires like Click are increasingly in demand. With ultra-thin Click, you no longer have to worry about AC ducts and other obstructions in the plenum space. You also benefit from a patent-pending, hassle-free installation system. Click is the first true install-from-below shallow luminaire, compatible with closed grids, drywall ceilings and Armstrong On-Center Ceiling Systems.

Cove Ceiling Render Cafeteria 01 CO

AXIOM® Indirect Light Coves & Cove Perfekt™

Setting the standard for cove lighting

With Cove Perfekt, you can enhance the environment with a layer of beautiful indirect lighting. Driven by a simple, minimalist form, Cove Perfekt lets you design smaller coves, eliminate hot spots and aiming issues and improve the overall cove light quality, while saving energy like never before. 


TechZone® Ceiling Systems with Beam 3 & Beam 6

Leave the noise and clutter behind

TechZone Ceiling Systems are based on 4”-, 6”- or 12”-wide technical zones for everything from air diffusers to sound systems. The result: a clean, monolithic look using standard ceiling panels and suspension systems, and a layout that accepts Beam 3 LED and Beam 6 LED luminaires, ensuring integrated lighting design.