Slim SurroundLite™

Architectural LED Systems Featuring SurroundLite

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The perfect balance of form and function

Highly efficient ultra-thin profile

Slim SurroundLite is a versatile, ultra-thin LED luminaire with a 1.375" profile. It delivers high efficiency and visual comfort with multiple options for lighting small and medium-sized spaces. The uplight component features exclusive SurroundLite optics. Slim is also available in a Slim 2x dual-driver version with separately controlled uplight and downlight SurroundLite optics.

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The SurroundLite Story

Adding dimension to LED lighting

Featuring balanced luminance, SurroundLite technology ensures visually appealing indirect lighting. Its high-performance optics produce a non-Lambertian, 3D spherical batwing distribution.

  • Uniformly diffused lighting similar to daylight

  • Wide planes of light in all directions: ceiling, corners, walls

  • Reduced contrast on the ceiling, improving visual comfort

  • Wide spacing, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space

​​​​​​​A wide range of light distribution options

More options means more versatility. Choose from fully direct to fully indirect, in addition to two asymmetric lighting options.

A wide range of shielding options

Different shielding medias provide varying degrees of visual comfort, but also impact luminaire appearance.

Installation convenience

Slim SurroundLite pendant features a sliding adjustable mounting mechanism for flexible installation.

Slim Render Pendant AP Open Office

Ideal for a wide range of lighting applications

Slim SurroundLite is well suited for creating beautiful linear visual statements in low- and high-ceiling spaces.

  • Private offices
  • Open-plan offices
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Healthcare