AxisTrak™ Technology

An innovative, streamlined low-voltage track design.

AxisTrak™ Technology

An integrated approach to track lighting

Our innovative low-voltage AxisTrak technology is engineered to facilitate track lighting design and installation, notably by eliminating the need for remote drivers through integrative design. This reduces installation cost and complexity while keeping the precise aiming and flexibility of moving track heads around.


  • Pendant option: inserts for newly released StencilFlex™
  • Surface option: Stencil® Surface (under development)
  • Recessed option: Sculpt™ Recessed (under development)​​​​​​

Extensive lighting flexibility

A wide choice of track luminaires

Axis offers a range of prewired Track Elements & Decoratives for direct installation on AxisTrak.  They come prewired with AxisTrak on-track adaptors. 


StencilFlex™ pendant lighting system

Interchangeable inserts

Innovative AxisTrak™ Inserts combine the engineering value of StencilFlex with the precise aiming and flexibility of track lighting. In a StencilFlex line-voltage framework, they are interchangeable with other lighting inserts (certified electrician required), allowing last-minute modifications and layout changes to meet evolving needs.

  • AxisTrak inserts from 3’ to 8’ (to fit segments)
  • Inserts feature IMW™ connectability with StencilFlex line-voltage segments
  • Universal adaptors to accommodate third party decoratives
  • Compatible with standard 0-10V and Empower wireless control