AxisTrak™ Technology

A cost-effective alternative to standard track lighting


Track lighting as an option

An affordable approach to track

Featuring patent-pending technology, AxisTrak promotes the targeted use of track lighting in pendant, surface and recessed applications. Instead of investing in an entire track lighting layout, AxisTrak lets you save by selecting precisely where to integrate track segments and benefit from full track adjustability. In addition, AxisTrak is engineered to facilitate track lighting design and installation, notably by eliminating the need for remote drivers.


  • Pendant option: inserts for newly released StencilFlex™
  • Surface option: Stencil® Surface (under development)
  • Recessed option: Sculpt™ Recessed (under development)​​​​​​

StencilFlex™ pendant lighting system

Interchangeable inserts

Innovative AxisTrak™ Inserts combine the engineering value of StencilFlex with the precise aiming and flexibility of track lighting. In a StencilFlex line-voltage framework, they are interchangeable with other lighting inserts (certified electrician required), allowing last-minute modifications and layout changes to meet evolving needs.

  • AxisTrak inserts from 3’ to 8’ (to fit segments)
  • Inserts feature IMW™ connectability with StencilFlex line-voltage segments

Extensive lighting flexibility

A wide choice of track luminaires

Axis offers a range of prewired Track Elements & Decoratives for direct installation on AxisTrak inserts (see collection below compatible with the StencilFlex lighting system). In addition, AxisTrak inserts can integrate virtually any third-party pendant-mount luminaire, resulting in unlimited decorative lighting options. AxisTrak lighting elements come prewired with AxisTrak on-track adaptors. 


Universal Adaptors

The promise of even greater flexibility

It’s all about embracing an even broader range of decorative applications for StencilFlex and AxisTrak™ layouts, in recognition that certain lighting projects require very specific esthetics.

Thanks to a choice of universal adaptors, Axis is able to offer brand-agnostic pendant-mount possibilities. Indeed, StencilFlex and AxisTrak can integrate virtually any third-party pendant-mount luminaire, resulting in unlimited decorative lighting options (certified electrician required). 


Advanced controls

Engineered to simplify lighting design

Possessing a lightweight minimalist design, AxisTrak Inserts are value engineered for simplicity and adaptability. For example, unlike conventional low-voltage lighting systems, AxisTrak has no need for remote drivers.

  • Mini integral constant-voltage driver (48V) in every insert
  • Mini integral constant-current line-voltage driver in every insert
  • Multiple power levels (15 W/ft to 7.5 W/ft) to ensure code compliance
  • Compatible with standard 0-10V and Empower wireless control