Connected lighting

The connected future is here and now. Building owners and occupants increasingly use data and apps to add value to their daily experience in the built environment. Thanks to new technology, connected lighting systems play a role in delivering sensing and communication for everything from space utilization to wayfinding. Axis can help you overcome implementation challenges through its deep knowledge and experience with all types of connected lighting systems.
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Forward Thinking

We begin with the end in mind

Connected lighting success begins with an understanding of all expectations from the outset, including the vision of the architect and lighting designer, the intended use by owners and the ongoing needs of occupants and building managers. Our approach is to ask questions well in advance to avoid surprises later in the project cycle. We aren’t satisfied with ‘it should work.’ We go to the trouble to get the system components in house for hands-on mock ups with our luminaires, and we collaborate with all parties from conception to configuration to make sure the results match the vision.

Intelligent technologies

Beyond lighting

Connected systems offer a mix of data collection features and benefits. Our depth and breadth of expertise with all connected technologies, including software and apps, lets you understand your options and improve your project.
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Wireless sensors placed in high densities through a space can deliver valuable information when paired with a floor plan and apps for space utilization, wayfinding, asset tracking, and more.
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Power over Ethernet delivers both lighting power and data transfer on one low-voltage wire, and enables communication with multiple building systems using Ethernet protocol, along with many types of sensors.
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VLC & LiFi

Visible Light Communication (VLC) and LiFi (short for Light Fidelity) are capable of sending data within the light spectrum, delivering precise indoor locations and associated benefits, within highly secure networks.

Integrated Sensing

Sensing for the win-win

Sensing and data collection are at the heart of connected lighting value for owners and occupants. Axis enables connected systems by bringing the intelligence inside our luminaires, coupled with wired or wireless digital communication. Also, we believe in esthetic excellence, and we are committed to integrating sensors in a way that respects the quality of the lighting and the application.