Miniature linear downlight technology delivering exceptional efficacy and superior design flexibility… Another leading-edge innovation from Axis Lighting.

Mikrolite 2 Sizes

Visually discreet and yet so powerful

The MikroLite family

MikroLite is unlike any other miniature downlight in its category. Its design flexibility and advanced technology offer multiple design opportunities. Discover all you can do with MikroLite.

  • MikroLite 1.0 includes 1” cells in linear modules that provide stunning accent lighting.
  • MikroLite 1.5 features 1.5” cells in linear modules that deliver exceptional output levels suited for general lighting and high-ceiling applications.
  • Pixel is a stand-alone recessed downlight featuring MikroLite 1.5 cells set in linear and square forms.

MikroLite Summary

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A modular approach for maximum flexibility

MikroLite 1.0 is a high-CRI, glare-free, linear downlight ideal for accent lighting applications. Available with Stencil (Pendant and Surface).

MikroLite 1.5 is the first high-performance, high-CRI, glare-free, color tunable linear micro downlight. It features significant advances recognized by the 2018 IES Progress Report. Available with Sculpt (Pendant, Recessed, Surface)Beam 2Beam 4 and Pixel Recessed Downlights.

MikroLite 1.5 – Features

MikroLite 1.5 incorporates a highly esthetic 1.5” square-in-square optical system that delivers superior visual comfort and flawless color mixing, even at high light output levels. Its tunable precision optics produce streak-free vertical surfaces. MikroLite 1.5 modules can be combined with multiple optics and blank segments in Sculpt (Pendant, Recessed, Surface), Beam 2 and Beam 4 housings.

  • Length of eight-cell module: 12” CRI: 90+
  • Efficacy: Up to 111 lm/W with black finish (90 CRI Tunable White)
  • Output: Up to 1100 lm/ft
  • Axitune Tunable White: 2700K-5000K (lowest Duv), 2700K-6500K
  • Fixed CCT: 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K
  • Beam 2: Choice of standard or deep-cell optics
  • Available in black and grey finish

MikroLite 1.0 – Features

MikroLite 1.0 features a highly esthetic 1” square-in-square beveled TIR optical system that provides superior visual comfort. Its precision optics produce flawless color mixing and streak-free vertical surfaces. MikroLite 1.0 modules can be combined with multiple optics and blank segments in Stencil Pendant and Stencil Surface.

  • Length of four-cell module: 4”
  • Choice of narrow or wide beam
  • CRI: 80 or 90 Output: 500 lm per four-cell module
  • Fixed CCT: 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K
  • 6’ minimum segments for Stencil Pendant Indirect with MikroLite optics
  • Available in black and grey finish