Worry-free wireless lighting control

Empowering design freedom

Built-in intelligence

Developed by Axis, Empower is a worry‑free wireless platform that is easy to use and customize. With its built-in intelligence, Empower wireless control is available in every lighting element, at all times. Compatible with most Axis luminaires, it features open‑standard design flexibility, ensuring more freedom to create visually engaging lighting that is smart and connected. Empower is a key component of F.L.E.X Technology™, combining with other innovations to form an adaptable, cost-effective line-voltage structure that delivers building‑scale lighting solutions.


Resolution of one

Precision control

Empower lets you meet lighting control requirements with more ease. In comparison to 0-10V circuit‑based control, Empower wireless control is more granular and flexible, allowing you to command individual lighting elements and to customize luminaire groupings. Lighting control is at the driver level, so inserts and luminaires can be controlled independently.

  • With Empower wireless, every luminaire is fully prewired and equipped with the proper lighting controls for optimal convenience, form and function.
  • Every insert/luminaire features a mini constant-current driver and a patent-pending mini control module compatible with leading lighting control manufacturers.
  • Discreet patent-pending mini sensors enable various wireless lighting control options.
  • Open protocols facilitate wireless programming through application software provided by qualified Empower partners.

All-new StencilFlex™ lighting system is used to its full potential with Empower wireless control technology.


User-friendly lighting control

Easy to specify, build and commission

Empower experts are at your disposal to assist with wireless lighting design and specifications. To help with the building process, Empower-compatible systems (e.g. StencilFlex™) are controls-ready, meaning all lighting control options from your favorite vendors have been tested and seamlessly integrated. When it comes to developing custom control scenarios, Empower puts you in the driver’s seat. You can create groupings at will… Tell each layer of light what to do, how to do it and when to do it… And change it all from the convenience of your phone or laptop.

  • Wireless controls can be reconfigured after installation.
  • Empower system supports DALI, DALI 2 and D4i.
  • Designed and tested for interoperability with several qualified Empower partners including leading wireless lighting controls manufacturers.