Cubic SurroundLite™

Architectural LED Systems featuring SurroundLite

Cubic product Pwall AP SO perspective

The perfect balance of form and function

Highly efficient, slim, rectangular profile

Cubic SurroundLite is only available in a narrow version. Exclusive SurroundLite optics produce balanced brightness, sending wide planes of light in all directions

Installation and maintenance are made easy with toolless lens mounting and access to all components from below.

Cubic Brochure

Cubic product pendant AP VL perspective

The SurroundLite Story

Adding dimension to LED lighting

High-performance SurroundLite optics produce a visually appealing, non-Lambertian, 3D, spherical batwing light distribution.

  • Uniformly diffused lighting similar to daylight
  • Wide planes of light in all directions: ceiling, corners, walls
  • Reduced contrast on the ceiling, improving visual comfort
  • Wide spacing, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space

More options than ever

The widest range of shielding options

Different shielding media provides varying degrees of visual comfort, but also impacts luminaire appearance. All shielding options yield a 3D batwing distribution with peak cutoff angle under 60°.

The widest range of LED distribution options

The Axis family of architectural systems features a wide range of distribution options providing a comprehensive lighting design toolbox that meets the needs of the most demanding lighting design applications.