Controls-Ready program

Controls support. Your way.

The ongoing evolution of lighting controls and systems demands a new approach. Gone are the days when controls support by luminaire manufacturers was as simple as integrating the right ballast. With the Controls-Ready program, Axis supports your design with best-in-class controls testing and end-to-end engagement to help deliver your controls intent.

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Ensuring lighting control success

Whether you seek to use basic energy-saving controls or integrate advanced connected lighting including data gathering, you can rely on Controls-Ready. Our support program gives you peace of mind, regardless of project scale or complexity.

In a nutshell, we partner with you and with controls manufacturers to simplify the specification process and ensure seamless integration and compatibility. Our objective is your objective: smooth, successful implementations.

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Agnostic and engaged

"Not our job” is not our way

We have long-term, trusted partnerships with controls manufacturers in every market due to our high level of engagement on all types of projects. Our experienced electrical team works closely with your chosen controls company, testing integration assumptions with samples and mock-ups as necessary to ensure that our luminaires perform as expected.

End-to-end support

We like to sweat the small stuff

Excellence in controls and systems begins with a clear controls intent, but must be executed properly through a reliable process. Whether your goal is daylight harvesting, zonal sensing for minimum code compliance, multiple color options for more flexibility or building-wide connected systems with data collection, our Controls-Ready program will help you meet your lighting control objectives in coherent and cost-effective fashion.

Partnering for the Future

Agnostic support for your chosen controls partner.