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Daylight in a box

The look and feel of blue skies on a sunny day

Thanks to exclusive technology from Italy, CoeLux reproduces the sun’s movement, the sky’s infinite depth and the associated beneficial effects of natural light like no other product in the world. More on the CoeLux concept


Let the sunshine in

CoeLux technology is ideal for all types of indoor architectural applications, particularly windowless rooms and underground spaces. It provides soothing, invigorating light similar to daylight and a sensation of infinite space that dramatically changes interiors and how people perceive them.

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CoeLux offers a range of upscale architectural solutions under four families

Long Sky Family

CoeLux Long Sky (LS) systems come in two versions with skylight openings that measure approximately 1’ x 4'. They can be used individually or aligned in runs to form a hallway of light delivering more depth perception.

High Tech Family

The HT 25 system is the first of a family of low-profile luminaires by CoeLux. Its distinctive 9.8” (25 cm) depth is ideal for shallow plenums. This model features an infinite sky and a sun perceived at infinite distance; when moving in space, the observer is under the impression that the sun is always positioned above. The 2’ x 4’ luminaire is suitable for recessed installation in modular and drop ceilings. 

High End Family

CoeLux High End (HE) systems recreate the ultimate daylight experience with the sun and sky at an infinite distance. They come in several versions designed for high ceilings (HC), low ceilings (LC) and wall mounts (SQ). 

Sky Tales Family

CoeLux Sky Tales (ST) systems are fairly compact modules that recreate the infinite sky without a direct view of the sun. Compared to High End systems, ST products are 50 times smaller, 30 times lighter and 10 times more affordable. They are designed for gypsum ceilings and 2’ x 2’ (600 mm x 600 mm) grids.


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