Stencil Surface

Creative Surface Lighting System

Stencil Linear Product Surface AP SO Perspective View 1

Added simplicity through innovation

Stencil Surface makes a quiet statement on the ceiling plane that helps define the space, on and off the grid. Its innovative, patent-pending elements overcome many challenges associated with surface luminaires, allowing you to articulate lighting concepts in line with architectural layouts. Discover new lighting opportunities with Stencil Surface.

Stencil Surface Brochure
Stencil Linear Brochure
Stencil Family Guide

Stencil Linear Render Surface AP Meeting Room


A subtle footprint giving the space center stage

Fine-tune design coherence without drawing attention to the lighting. Embrace the grid with Stencil Surface, a slender form that conceals gridlines while blending into the ceiling. Stencil Surface features no visible hardware, further reducing the visual noise of the lighting system.

Ceiling Plan


Lighting design flexibility you can work with

Underscore design themes with discreet traces of light. Stencil Surface lends itself to the creation of streamlined shapes and patterns that support a room’s purpose and multiple functions. Its clean look and extensive possibilities let you suggest rhythm, communicate meaning and create neighborhoods of light.

Stencil Linear Product Surface AP SO Perspective View 4


A pure, seamless appearance

The innovative, patent-pending surface attachment system with concealed hardware and power feed lets you put Stencil Surface anywhere, on and off the grid, including drywall and concrete ceilings. It results in quick and easy design and installation, shorter project timelines and significant cost reductions.


The key to Stencil Surface design flexibility

Patented die-cast soft-corners embrace the grid with style. Non-illuminated connectors integrate seamlessly with the ceiling. Ideal for branching off to bring light where you need it. Easy to install with single captive spring-loaded screw mechanism.

Total installation freedom

Put Stencil Surface anywhere, on and off the grid, including drywall and concrete ceilings.

Innovative Mounting

Simple four-step installation

Stencil Forms Product Surface AP SO Perspective View


Flush and regressed options

  • Combine with Hubs to build unique surface lighting forms
  • Up to 500 lm/ft
  • Efficacy of up to 108 lm/W
  • Available in segment lengths of 2’ to 8’ in one-foot increments
  • Up to 200’ of continuous LED light from a single power drop
  • Selection of lens and louver optical elements ensure visual comfort with low surface brightness
  • Wood finishes available; please consult your Axis representative
Accent IES Curve


Layers of light provide added visual interest

Position Stencil Surface accent modules anywhere along the channel, individually or in clusters, using flush or regressed segments. You have all the lighting design freedom you need.

  • 500 lm nominal (4253 cd @ 20°)
  • 3000K, 80 CRI
  • 359° rotation, 90° tilt
  • 20° or 36° beam spreads
  • Fully dimmable to 5% (integral 0-10V mini-driver)
MikroLite Size

MikroLite™ 1.0

Visually discreet, yet so powerful

Stencil Surface luminaires accept MikroLite 1.0 downlights, a highly esthetic 1” square-in-square beveled TIR optical system that provides superior visual comfort. Its precision optics produce flawless color mixing and streak-free vertical surfaces.

  • Choice of narrow or wide beam
  • CRI: 80 or 90 CRI
  • Output: 500 lm per four-cell module
  • Fixed CCT: 2,700, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000K
  • Available in Stencil Pendant and Stencil Surface
  • 6’ minimum segments for Stencil Pendant Indirect with MikroLite optics
  • Available in black and grey finish
Stencil Forms Photo Pendant BLK Desjardins DavidBoyerphotographe

Beautiful versatility

The Stencil family

For every lighting application, there is a Stencil luminaire:

  • Stencil Surface integrates well with the grid.
  • Stencil Pendant is more cost-effective for creating forms and patterns.
  • Stencil Pendant D/I is recommended for long lines of continuous light.
  • Stencil SoftZone™ is a flexible acoustic lighting design tool for creating horizontal architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties.