Installation made easy

Making life easier for installers

We consider the quality of your installation experience just as important as the quality of our lighting systems. With projects involving dozens, if not hundreds of luminaires, we understand the need for improved mounting methods to help installers save considerable time and labor. So we invest in developing innovative ways to facilitate installations. And we work hard to make sure commercial lighting installers have the information and the mounting convenience they need to implement our products properly, effortlessly and cost-effectively.


Smooth installations

Designed for simplicity

No matter how much care we invest in the design and manufacture of our lighting systems, we know that they must eventually be installed by others. For this reason, we’ve designed many of our luminaires with easy-to-install features and time-saving mounting methods to ensure fast and forgiving installations. For example, Stencil Surface shown opposite was designed for more hassle-free, affordable mounting with total installation freedom, on and off the grid.


Mounting innovations

Engineering faster, more forgiving installations

Because innovation is at the heart of what we do, we are naturally driven to develop installation advancements. Discover our most notable mounting innovations, including Cove Perfekt™, designed to take the guesswork out of cove lighting installations, Click, the install-from-below zero-plenum luminaire that installs in four easy steps, and the T-Aligner™, a foolproof solution for aligning T-bars on either side of Sculpt luminaires and ceiling kits.

Click render recessed SO reception

Installation guides

Resources for getting it right

Make sure your installers are equipped with the information they need to install your lighting system properly. We’ve created clear, step-by-step installation guides for all of our products. Finding them is easy: Just visit our downloads page and select the product you’re installing. You’ll find a detailed guide to suit your mounting application. Some of our products, such as Click and Sketch, also provide short and instructive installation videos.