Stencil Pendant Forms - Combined Distributions

Product ID: STFC

Mounting Type: Accent, Pendant

Distribution: Direct, Indirect


Key Specs and Features

Lumens Direct

200 lm/ft - Minimum with SO lens 400 lm/ft - Maximum with SO lens 150 lm/ft - Minimum with Louver 600 lm/ft - Maximum with Louver

Lumens Indirect

175 lm/ft - Minimum 1000 lm/ft - Maximum

Special Features


Downlighting and Accent Lighting Innovations Brochure

Linear LED Portfolio Brochure

Perspectives 4 Stencil Brochure

Stencil Family Guide

Stencil Pendant Brochure

SurroundLite Architectural Innovations Brochure

Downlighting And Accent Lighting Innovations Fr

Linear Led Portfolio Architectural Lighting Innovations Brochure Fr

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Stencil PromoVideo LowRes

Stencil Pendant Forms - Combined Distributions

Pendant Direct Installation Instructions

Pendant Indirect Installation Instructions

Driver Replacement Instructions

Pendant Combined Distribution Installation Instructions

Lighting Pendant Axis Stencil Hubs

Lighting Pendant Axis Stencil Linear No Hubs