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Architectural Acoustic Lighting Solutions


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Create neighborhoods of intimacy

Increase privacy in collaborative spaces, improve speech clarity in conference rooms or reduce reverberation in an area. 

SoftZone provides unparalleled design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties. It features a modular approach that lets you vary the quantity of panels required to achieve the desired level of sound absorption.

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SoftZone Panels

Horizontal and vertical solutions

  • Available in horizontal (Stencil SoftZone) and vertical (Sculpt SoftZone) forms
  • Panels made of 100% polyester containing at least 40% of recycled PET plastic
  • Functional flexibility: Unlit SoftZone panels can be used for sound attenuation only
  • Facilitates building system integration (sprinklers, speakers, etc.)
  • Class A fire rated and moisture resistant
  • Per-unit Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): up to 1.05

The more sound absorption you need,
the more SoftZone panels you use in the space.

Different surfaces have different sound-absorbing properties. Porous matter, such as carpeting, wood and the material used for SoftZone, are very effective at absorbing sound. In comparison, hard and smooth surfaces, such as concrete, plate glass and metal, reflect acoustic energy and create reverberation that SoftZone panels help to absorb.
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Why SoftZone


Stencil SoftZone

Superior cost-effectiveness

  • The same amount of SoftZone material in horizontal panels provides almost twice the sound absorption of vertical panels.

  • Compared to vertical SoftZone panels, horizontal SoftZone panels are more effective at trapping sound and they are better at reducing visual clutter.

Stencil design flexibility

Horizontal SoftZone panels capitalize on the exceptional design freedom of Stencil Pendant. Together, they provide an effective, one-of-a-kind design tool for creating a wide variety of forms and patterns.

  • Open and closed forms featuring full or partial paneling, as well as unlit SoftZone panels, to layer sound attenuation.
  • Integration with building systems (e.g. sprinklers, ventilation) by creating openings through and between SoftZone panels.
  • Integral 0-10V mini-driver
  • Controls available

Choice of panel forms

Horizontal SoftZone panels are compatible with a wide variety of Stencil Pendant forms and patterns.

Color Palette

Mix colors to match interior design elements

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Beautiful versatility

The Stencil family

For every lighting application, there is a Stencil luminaire:

  • Stencil Surface integrates well with the grid.
  • Stencil Pendant is more cost-effective for creating forms and patterns.
  • Stencil Pendant D/I is recommended for long lines of continuous light.
  • Stencil SoftZone is a flexible acoustic lighting design tool for creating architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties.