Overview Recessed Pendant

Using Sketch, lighting can now flow with the same grace as lines emanate from a pencil. Circles, softly rounded rectangles, simple arcs, and sinuous forms – all are possible with Sketch. Sketch expresses interior architectural design . . . and integrates elegantly with it. Instead of costly site-built coves or troughs, Sketch modules install neatly into gypsum board ceilings, join together precisely, and perform predictably and efficiently. The Sketch system includes curved sections based on circles with diameters from 3’ to 23’, as well as various straight segments. Together, they can combine into practically unlimited configurations. Creating fresh and interesting lighting has never been so easy. The advent of LED technology has promised innovative forms in lighting. Now, Sketch makes this promise a reality. Recognized by the 2013 Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition, Sketch is the first recessed, linear LED luminaire to offer this degree of design freedom. Sketch is truly architectural lighting. Your way.

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