Office Lighting

Professional style, real performance

It's time to push the boundaries of office lighting design with a comprehensive, forward-looking toolbox. Our lighting solutions are designed to help you meet the unique needs of any commercial building lighting challenge. By balancing aesthetics, visual comfort and lighting performance, you can create commercial office lighting that is unique, striking, and highly productive.


LED office lighting

The latest innovations

We are on the forefront of optical innovations with new office lighting design techniques, like SurroundLite™, silicone TIR optics and MikroLite™ linear downlights. Our highly creative and versatile products are available with a choice of optics and in multiple distributions and mountings. In addition, they work with all building lighting control systems.


Office light fixtures

Flexibility for the modern workplace

We make it our business to maximize installation flexibility. That means more forgiving features. Pioneering aesthetic alterations. Integration with other architectural features (like ceilings). It means a vast toolbox of corners, patterns and accents that meet the most demanding LED office lighting challenges.


Smart office lighting

Working with any controls

Remain on the cutting edge of sustainable building design through Axis's Controls-Ready program. We partner with you and controls manufacturers to simplify the specification process, seamlessly integrate control systems and ensure relevant information is shared among all project stakeholders.