School & Institutional Lighting

Lighting that inspires

Institutional settings like schools involve a number of important considerations. After all, the right light can enhance the performance of workers and students. Saving time and cost are also important, both in installation and over the life of the building. Aesthetics add to the balance, giving a school or institutional setting its unique character or personality. We're here to help you find a solution that delivers on every priority.


LED lighting for schools

Flexibility from Design through Installation

No school or institutional setting carries the same set of needs. That’s why we prioritize installation flexibility. Axis Lighting offers more forgiving features, such as the telescopic Perimeter module. And to improve architectural integration, we offer pioneering aesthetic alterations—like the new center-of-T positioning of Click in Armstrong ceilings.

Versatility for institutional settings

Our Lighting Toolbox

We offer a versatile toolbox of corners, patterns, accents and much more. Enjoy precision lengths down to 1/32" for maximum design flexibility. Or reinvent ceiling aesthetics with Sculpt Geometric Lighting concepts.  We infuse our LED lighting for schools and institutions with creativity and flexibility so that your can solve even the most demanding lighting challenges.

Dia1x1 Photo Recessed Cardio Core 3

For the optimal experience

Multiple Distributions

When results are on the line, every dimension of the lighting experience matters. That’s why we design highly configurable systems that give you maximum control over lighting distribution. Our vast product collection offers a full range of precisely controlled lighting distributions that provide dependable illumination—whatever the environment.