Exterior Lighting

Bring out the light

Commercial exterior lighting from Axis Lighting brings the architectural design and style of your interior building lighting to your outdoor façade. Unlike exterior lighting companies, who would have you choose between function and form, we're here to help you achieve both. As a strategic partner, we'll help you bring together all stakeholders to meet every requirement that stands between you and your exterior lighting vision.

Commercial exterior lighting

Bring out the best in building design

The goal of exterior lighting design is to create a cohesive lighting aesthetic that flows from the inside out, projecting your architectural vision to the world at large. Architectural outdoor LED lighting from Axis allows your building to express itself and shape an environment much greater than its measurable footprint.

Vaughan City Hall

Outdoor LED lighting

A better experience, from the inside out

Commercial exterior lighting is about more than expression. It’s about facilitating an experience that really works for the people who inhabit your space. That’s why Axis outdoor lighting brings the versatility of our interior lighting solutions to the outside, improving accessibility, wayfaring and other critical functions of the exterior environment.