Sculpt Pendant - Combined Distributions and MikroLite

Product ID: SCML

Mounting Type: Accent, Pendant

Distribution: Direct/Indirect

MIKROLITE 1.5 Family

Key Specs and Features


2' 3' 4' 5' 6' 8' 12' System Run

Lumens Direct

300 lm - Minimum 500 lm/ft - Maximum Lumens Per Foot

Lumens Indirect

300 lm - Minimum 750 lm - Maximum Lumens Per Foot

Optics Direct

Spotless Lens Down Blank

Optics Indirect

Spotless Lens Up Batwing Lens

Special Features


Downlighting and Accent Lighting Innovations Brochure

Linear LED Portfolio Brochure

Perspectives 2 Brochure

Downlighting And Accent Lighting Innovations Fr

Linear Led Portfolio Architectural Lighting Innovations Brochure Fr

Sculpt Pendant - Combined Distributions and MikroLite

Replacement Instructions For Flush Lens

Driver Replacement Instructions

Sculpt Mikrolite Combined Pendant Revit