Stencil SoftZone

Code produit : STSZ

Montage : Pendant

Distribution : Direct, Indirect, Unlit


Spécifications sommaires

Lumens Direct

200 lm/ft - Minimum with SO lens 400 lm/ft - Maximum with SO lens 150 lm/ft - Minimum with Louver 600 lm/ft - Maximum with Louver

Lumens Indirect

175 lm/ft 250 lm/ft 350 lm/ft 500 lm/ft 700 lm/ft 1000 lm/ft

Optics Direct

Direct Spotless Lens direct micro louver black direct micro louver grey no direct

Optics Indirect

SurroundLite Indirect SurroundLite Indirect Asy. no indirect



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