Stencil Pendant Direct/Indirect

Minimalist lines of continuous light

Stencil DI Pendant Render Application Board Room

Merging form and function

Extend the possibilities of pendant lighting with a visually comfortable, low-energy alternative. With direct and indirect lighting in every segment, Stencil Pendant D/I maintains lighting uniformity in continuous lines of light.

Stencil Linear Brochure
Stencil Family Guide

Stencil DI Pendant Render Application Corporate Building

New minimalist lighting options

  • Same look and size as Stencil Pendant, creating opportunities for coordinated lighting design
  • Cost-effective linear lighting solution
  • Wide, indirect lighting powered by Mini SurroundLite™
  • Choice of optics: lens and louver
  • Independent lighting control of direct and indirect components
  • Remote driver allows for short luminaire lengths that would not be possible with larger integral drivers


Patent-pending Mini SurroundLite

The lighting power of a fixture four times its size

An exclusive Axis innovation, Mini SurroundLite delivers a wide, 3D distribution and balanced luminance, providing added design freedom and enabling the use of fewer and more widely spaced Stencil segments.

Stencil Hubs

The key to Stencil’s lighting design flexibility

Bring light wherever you need it. Stencil Hubs are patented, non-illuminated die-cast soft-corner joiners designed to make branching off easy. Combining mechanical, electrical and suspension functions, they require just a simple captive spring-loaded screw mechanism to install.

Stencil Surface 4ft AP Mikrolite Render Product Ceiling Tile Perspective2

Beautiful versatility

The Stencil family

For every lighting application, there is a Stencil luminaire:

  • Stencil Surface integrates well with the grid.
  • Stencil Pendant is more cost-effective for creating forms and patterns.
  • Stencil Pendant D/I is recommended for long lines of continuous light.
  • Stencil SoftZone™ is a flexible acoustic lighting design tool for creating horizontal architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties.