Sculpt SoftZone™

Architectural Acoustic Lighting Solutions


SoftZone at a glance

Create neighborhoods of intimacy

Increase privacy in collaborative spaces, improve speech clarity in conference rooms or reduce reverberation in an area. 

SoftZone provides unparalleled design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties. It features a modular approach that lets you vary the quantity of panels required to achieve the desired level of sound absorption.

SoftZone Brochure

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SoftZone Panels

Horizontal and vertical solutions

  • Available in horizontal (Stencil SoftZone) and vertical (Sculpt SoftZone) forms
  • Panels made of 100% polyester containing at least 40% of recycled PET plastic
  • Functional flexibility: Unlit SoftZone panels can be used for sound attenuation only
  • Facilitates building system integration (sprinklers, speakers, etc.)
  • Class A fire rated and moisture resistant
  • Per-unit Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): up to 1.05

The more sound absorption you need,
the more SoftZone panels you use in the space.

Different surfaces have different sound-absorbing properties. Porous matter, such as carpeting, wood and the material used for SoftZone, are very effective at absorbing sound. In comparison, hard and smooth surfaces, such as concrete, plate glass and metal, reflect acoustic energy and create reverberation that SoftZone panels help to absorb.
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Why SoftZone


Sculpt SoftZone

Linear creativity

  • Combine vertical panels with linear Sculpt Pendant luminaires to design appealing acoustic lighting environments that add linear rhythm while softening ambient noise levels.

  • The top of SoftZone vertical panels is level with the uplight optics of Sculpt Pendant luminaires, providing true indirect lighting and a sophisticated architectural esthetic.

Choice of optics

Integrate lighting and sound attenuation as required in your lighting concepts by alternating between lit and unlit Sculpt SoftZone panels.

  • Range of light distributions: Direct, Indirect, Direct/Indirect
  • Use blanks to create unlit SoftZone panels
  • Integral Driver
  • Controls available, including Axitune Dim-to-Warm and Tunable White

Color Palette

Mix colors to match interior design elements

Sculpt Ceiling Kit Photo Recessed 2in StepLens AP Amazon

Clean look. Small footprint.

The Sculpt family

With Sculpt, the ceiling is your canvas. Build on traces of light only 1.5" wide to create an infinite number of lighting configurations.

  • Sculpt Linear: Individual segments and runs.
  • Sculpt Geometric: An evolution in ceiling lighting design offering a wide choice of square/rectangular forms and non-rectangular forms.
  • Sculpt SideStep: Minimalist square and rectangular open-center forms featuring a uniformly diffuse one-piece lens.
  • Sculpt SoftZone: An acoustic lighting design tool for creating vertical architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties.