Sculpt Sidestep

Creative Architectural Pendant Lighting

Sculpt Sidestep Render Pendant Corner In BLK Conference Room CO1

Sculpt SideStep

Capture the ethereal beauty of illuminated inner space

Create stunning, open-center LED luminous forms only 1.5” high with Sculpt SideStep.

Sculpt SideStep delivers an affordable, stylish architectural solution. It combines clean lines and thin, minimalist square and rectangular standalone forms to enhance the decor. The elegant negative space creates a weightless appearance.

Sculpt SideStep Brochure

Sculpt Sidestep Render Pendant Corner In BLK Conference Room Zoom CO2

Streamlined forms adding character to any space

This new arrival in the Sculpt family provides a distinct balanced glow. Appealing diffuse light is spread over entire surface area of one-piece lens ensuring balanced luminance and visual comfort. Axitune Tunable White available.

Projected lens: 1 1/2” (H) x 13/16” (W)

Extrusion: 1 1/2” (H) x 1 1/16” (W)

Total width (extrusion and lens): 2 7/8”

Choose from six narrow to wide Sculpt SideStep lighting kits featuring soft, uniform direct/indirect lighting from a single light source with attractive projected lensing. Integral driver and battery pack included.

Sculpt Ceiling Kit Photo Recessed 2in StepLens AP Amazon

Clean look. Small footprint.

The Sculpt family

With Sculpt, the ceiling is your canvas. Build on traces of light only 1.5" wide to create an infinite number of lighting configurations.

  • Sculpt Linear: Individual segments and runs.
  • Sculpt Geometric: An evolution in ceiling lighting design offering a wide choice of square/rectangular forms and non-rectangular forms.
  • Sculpt SideStep: Minimalist square and rectangular open-center forms featuring a uniformly diffuse one-piece lens.
  • Sculpt SoftZone™: An acoustic lighting design tool for creating vertical architectural pendant concepts with sound attenuation properties.