Architectural Performance Recessed Luminaire

Plano Render Recessed SO Retail

Perfect blend of performance and timeless esthetics

Sleek, high-performance flat lens design

Plano LED provides even illumination, a sleek, crisp appearance and cost-effective lighting with a combination of comfortable brightness, energy efficiency and a full range of options. Boasting efficiencies of over 85%, most Plano LED models deliver ample illumination, while remaining well under ASHRAE 90.1 lighting power allowances.

Plano LED features a flat lens system that attractively divides the luminous opening. A slightly regressed center lens coupled with the high-transmission VL Optic™ provides a high level of visual comfort and efficiency that meets IESNA RP-1-04 guidelines. Satin side diffusers balance the luminosity.

Plano Product Sheet

CDP Lens Closeup Grayscale

VL Optic™

Exceptional Visual Comfort

Featuring advanced lensing technology, the VL Optic provides added efficiency and visual comfort to lighting configurations. Instead of scattering light, the VL Optic uses precise, miniature prisms to direct light away from glare zones. Its tight-radius conical prisms ensure very high light transmission (92%) and cutoff greater than 60º. This softens the LED image, eliminates high angle glare and improves visual comfort without sacrificing luminaire efficiency.