Downlight & Accent Lighting Innovations
In Downlighting and Accent Lighting Innovations, we present a broad selection of innovative tools for our linear portfolio. Our offering features several new accent lighting designs, including state-of-the-art MikroLite, a miniature linear downlight module offering unprecedented design flexibility, the new Beam 6 Adjustable Downlight, a choice of Adjustable Accents for all Sculpt and Stencil mountings, as well as Fixed Downlights.

Downlights and Accent Lighting Brochure
Edge 2
Our Fall 2018 launch features Edge 2, an innovative linear ambient lighting tool with a two-sided lens that allows you to frame, trace and outline any indoor space or element with original lighting configurations. Edge 2 lets you create signature lighting designs using vertical, horizontal and corner mounts in both surface and pendant options.

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Stencil Linear Solutions
We are pleased to introduce Stencil Pendant Direct/Indirect to our versatile Stencil family. With direct and indirect lighting in every segment, Stencil Pendant D/I maintains lighting uniformity in continuous lines of light. It can also be used to design creative forms using our collection of 16 Hubs.

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Sculpt Geometrix
Integrated solutions for innovative ceilings
Break free of the traditional 2x2 and 2x4 grid. Create new, integrated lighting and ceiling designs using triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. Discover new and exciting opportunities above and beyond the norm for architectural ceilings, brought to you by industry leaders Axis Lighting and Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.
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Stencil Surface
Creative Surface Lighting System
Stencil Surface brings a new level of creativity and flexibility to surface lighting while addressing the many challenges of surface installation through a patent-pending attachment system. The result is a fully integrated, minimalist and adaptive lighting system that embraces the grid and gives the space center stage.
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Zen Family
The Zen family of architectural, compact inverted-U downlights feature compact profiles, an integral mini-driver and a choice of shielding options. Using SurroundLite™, the Zen family delivers visual comfortable lighting throughout the space. The family has now been expanded to include the new Zen Square pendant and wall mount as well as the Zen Surface and Zen Beam Recessed.
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Linear LED Portfolio
Architectural Lighting Innovations

At Axis, innovation starts with our customers, understanding their lighting needs and looking at light differently to find the right answer. In that respect, our Linear LED Collection provides a range of innovative solutions to meet today's lighting challenges, including linear luminaires powered by SurroundLiteTM technology, exclusive to Axis.

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Install-from-below Zero-plenum LED Luminaire

Install-from-below Zero-plenum LED Luminaire
As plenum depth shrinks, shallow luminaires like Click are increasingly in demand. With ultra-thin Click, you no longer have to worry about AC ducts and other obstructions in the plenum space. You also benefit from a patent-pending hassle-free installation system.
The product of an exclusive Axis-Armstrong® innovation partnership, Click is the first true install-from-below shallow luminaire, compatible with Armstrong on-center ceiling systems.

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Axis’s SurroundLite collection of architectural lighting innovations represents a new way to think about light and lighting. With a 3D light distribution that emits as much light from the ends as from the sides, SurroundLite provides wide spacing, exceptional uniformity and reduced cave effect, resulting in fewer luminaires needed to light a space. All SurroundLite luminaires have an integral control-ready driver and feature a simple optical, electrical and mechanical connection system, facilitating installation and maintenance.

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Introducing an ultra-thin lighting system as creative as you are. Stencil is a 1.167”-wide, Bauhaus-inspired form featuring miniature SurroundLiteTM optics and unprecedented design flexibility. Easy-to-specify Stencil kits allow you to develop innovative illuminated ceiling designs from a palette of linear and non-linear LiteForms. For details, consult our latest Perspectives brochure, released in January 2017.

Simple. Functional. Repeatable. Scalable. Affordable.
Sculpt Accent An Axis Lighting Innovation
Create the right mood and bring the excitement of theatre and stage lighting to your projects with adjustable Accent modules. Available as stand alone recessed, surface or pendant modules or integrated with Sculpt, Accents enable you to develop stunning ambient lighting concepts with integrated task lighting, play with layers of illumination and highlight elements in a space.

Accent modules available
Architectural LED Portfolio

Striking the perfect balance between form and function, Architectural LED Systems is the ultimate design toolbox for creating beautiful quality lighting concepts for a wide variety of applications.

Beyond providing aesthetic appeal, these lighting instruments bring together high-output illumination, excellent glare control, wide spacing opportunities, integrated controls options and installation flexibility... Everything you would expect and more.

Axis Lighting offers several collections of cost-effective, architectural recessed luminaires that can add rhythm, beauty and creativity to the ceiling plane, while providing opportunities for customized lighting design.

Discover the New Standard for Cove Lighting
Integrating coves into your project has never been easier and more worthwhile. Axis CovePerfektTM lets you design smaller-scale LED coves while improving lighting quality and saving energy (as little as 3W/ft), without any need for aiming adjustments.
CovePerfekt was developed in sync with Axiom®, Armstrong’s new, easy-to-install cove system, which features fast, flawless installation. Together, they form the new standard for cove lighting. Click here to watch the Axiom video.
For the full story, download our new Perspectives 3 brochure released February 2016.
To help lighting professionals work with light in fascinating new ways, axis has developed a 1.5” led illumination system – sculpt -- featuring standard linear lighting as well as unique configurations available through geometric lighting ceiling kits.

Geometric lighting is a next generation design model that lets you redefine the ceiling line by providing freedom from traditional illuminated ceiling footprints.
These developments and others are featured in our new Perspectives 2 brochure, released in September 2015.
Adjustable Downlights
Zen Recessed
Zen Pendant
Zen Surface
Zen Square Recessed
Zen Square Pendant
Zen Square Wall
Creative Surface Lighting
special application systems
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Geometric lighting
Ceiling Kits




Recessed Vertical

Direct/Indirect Pendant

Direct Pendant


Geometric lighting
Ceiling Kits
L : 2x2'

U : 2x2'

Squares : 2x2', 4x4'

Rectangles : 2'x4', 2'x6', 2'x8', 2'x10', 2'x12'



Compatible with all Sculpt versions Also available with recessed versions of Beam 3, Beam 4 and Beam 6










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