Adding Dimension to LED Lighting

Innovative technology to get much more out of LEDs
The specially engineered lightguide is made of precisely coded and aligned molecules that shape LED output in all three dimensions.

Surround Sound creates a richer audio
experience with additional speakers that
surround the listener.

SurroundLite creates a richer visual
experience with additional light distribution
that opens a space and pleases the eye.

Integral Control-Ready Driver
Patented Leading-Edge Lightguide
• Materials-based technology using molecular optics
• Creation of diffuse and uniform planes similar to natural light
• Effective batwing distribution with cutoff in all directions
• Elimination of shadowing from dust or bugs
• Up to 8-foot continuous lightguide extrusions available
LED Board
Precision-coupled optics
components work in synergy
with the lightguide.
Glare Mitigation
Regressed lens, VL Optic, louver and lenses yield lower luminance on the luminaire’s light-emitting area.
Reduced 'Cave Effect', Increased Perceived Brightness Wide 3D batwing uplight distribution lights up corners Lighting at seam between ceiling and wall 3D light distribution from luminaire extremities lights up adjacent spaces and vertical planes
Use of Fewer Luminaires
The 3D nature of light distribution is well suited to checkerboard patterns, reducing the need for continuous rows.
Better Facial Modeling / Facial Recognition
Reflected light from illuminated surfaces within the space results in soft fill light on the vertical plane.
No Streaks or Hot Spots of Light
Axis SurroundLite technology spreads out light uniformly versus Lambertian distributions that put an intensity of light directly above and below the luminaire..
With SurroundLite

Without SurroundLite

Dare to Compare

With SurroundLite, precision optics emit light where you need it: corners, at seam between ceiling and wall, and on task. Wide spherical 3D distribution also occurs from luminaire extremities, sending light into support areas and adjacent walls.


Wide 3D Distribution

One of the biggest challenges in lighting is achieving balanced illumination. With uniform brightness, a space is optically larger. When there are dark areas on the ceiling and near the top of walls – commonly known as the ‘cave effect’ – the room is optically smaller, limiting vision and potentially creating eye
fatigue and lowering productivity.

With SurroundLiteTM extra-wide, multidimensional light distribution, light is directed in all three planes and sent in every corner of the room. In retail aisles, down distribution provides excellent vertical light on store merchandise. In openplan offices and libraries, rows can be spaced up to 15 feet on center for optimal power densities. SurroundLite brings the promise of balanced brightness, facilitating lighting design.

Visual Comfort

By providing balanced illumination, SurroundLiteTM creates improved visual comfort for ambient and general lighting applications. The three-dimensional light distribution is pleasant to the eye because of its diffuse characteristics that resemble natural lighting. In addition, the luminaire appearance in itself is appealing, given the uniformly diffuse light-emitting area and the softly lit luminaire extremities.

The highly uniform ceiling brightness opens up a space, illuminates vertical surfaces and invites the eye to explore, which is especially desirable in retail aisle applications. In conference rooms, private offices and open-plan areas, SurroundLite eliminates glare, reduces eye fatigue and supports effective facial recognition.
  • Exceptionally uniform brightness on ceiling and on the work plane/task.
  • Continuously lit aperture with illuminated luminaire extremities.
  • Very diffuse light-emitting area, for a more natural appearance (no head-lamp effect or streaks of light).
  • Spherical batwing distribution with cutoff eliminates bright spots directly under luminaire and dark spots between luminaires.
  • High transmissivity shielding options available for added visual comfort.

High Efficiency

In addition to delivering wide distribution of glare-free, balanced LED light in all three lighting planes, SurroundLiteTM technology ensures flexible, energy-efficient lighting design.

Light goes far and wide where you need it with performances reaching 105 LPW (at 3500K). Precision controlled 360-degree spherical distribution and exceptionally wide spacing further reduce the number of luminaires needed in a space without compromising uniformity.

With Axis SurroundLite, you take the guesswork out of designing low-energy quality lighting configurations, whether applications require uplight, downlight or a combination of the two.
  • Efficacy up to 105 LPW (at 3500K) no matter the
  • Unsurpassed application effectiveness.
  • Extra-wide spacing: up to 15-foot centers.
  • Power densities well below ASHRAE 90.1, New York City Building Code and Title 24 requirements.
  • Choice of two lumen packages adds flexibility
    to meet energy requirements.
  • SurroundLite compatible with various controls
    and integrated sensors for added energy
  • SurroundLite features optical efficiencies greater
    than 90% whereas most edge-lit systems offer less than 80%.



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