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Wall Wash
Wet locations
Semi Direct
MR16/ MR11

Mikrolite 1.5 Beam 4 Beam 4 MikroLite 1.5
Mikrolite 1.5 Beam 2 Beam 2 MikroLite 1.5
Mikrolite 1.5 Sculpt Sculpt MikroLite 1.5
Zen Square Recessed Recessed
Beam6 LED Adjustable Downlight Recessed
Mikrolite 1.0 Stencil Surface Pendant
Stencil Surface Surface
Stencil Pendant DI Pendant D/I
Stencil Pendant Pendant
Edge Surface Surface
Edge Pendant Pendant
Edge Wall Wall
MikroLite 1.5 Recessed Downlight Recessed
Sculpt Accent
Sculpt Mikrolite Recessed Surface Pendant Wall
Sculpt Geometric Recessed
Wall Wash Pendant Pendant
Wall Wash Surface Surface
Wall  Wash Recessed Recessed
Graze Perkekt Pendant Pendant
Graze Perfekt Surface Surface
Graze Perfekt Recessed Recessed Graze
Zen Square Pendant Pendant
Zen Square Wall Wall
Zen Surface Surface
Zen Recessed Recessed
Twin Beam2 SL Pendant Pendant
Twin Beam2 SL Wall Wall
Twin Beam2 SL Patterns and Corners
Twin Beam3 Pendant Pendant
Twin Beam3 Wall Wall
Twin Beam4 Pendant Pendant
Twin Beam4 Wall Wall
Sculpt Perimeter Perimeter
Click Recessed Recessed
Arc SurroundLite Pendant Pendant
Arc SurroundLite Wall Wall
202 SurroundLite Pendant Pendant
202 SurroundLite Wall Wall
Cubic SurroundLite Pendant Pendant
Cubic SurroundLite Wall Wall
Skyefall 2x2 Recessed
Beam2 SQ Surface Surface
Beam3 LED Perimeter Recessed Perimeter
Beam2 SQ Pendant Pendant
Beam3 SL Recessed Recessed
Beam2 SQ Wall Wall
Beam4 LED Perimeter Recessed Perimeter
Beam6 LED Perimeter Recessed Perimeter
Air Pendant Pendant
Air Wall Wall
Air Surface Surface
Air LED Pendant Pendant
Air LED Wall Wall
Air LED Surface Surface
Arc Pendant Pendant
Arc Wall Wall
Aura 1x4 Recessed
Aura 2x2 Recessed
Aura 2x4 Recessed
Base Pendant Pendant
Beam2 Recessed Recessed
Beam2 Pendant Pendant
Beam2 Wall Wall
Beam2 Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam2 Surface Surface
Beam2 LED Wall Wall
Beam2 LED Surface Surface
Beam2 LED Pendant Pendant
Beam2 LED Recessed Recessed
Beam2 LED Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam3 Pendant Pendant
Beam3 Wall Wall
Beam3 Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam3 Recessed Wall Wash Wall Wash
Beam3 Recessed Recessed
Beam3 LED Techzone Techzone
Beam3 Surface Surface
Beam3 Techzone Techzone
Beam3 LED Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam3 LED Recessed Recessed
Beam3 LED Pendant Pendant
Beam3 LED Surface Surface
Beam3 LED Wall Wall
Beam4 Recessed Recessed
Beam4 Pendant Pendant
Beam4 Recessed Wall Wash Wall Wash
Beam4 Surface Surface
Beam4 Wall Wall
Beam4 Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam4 LED Surface Surface
Beam4 LED Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam4 LED Pendant Pendant
Beam4 LED Recessed Recessed
Beam4 LED Wall Wall
Beam4 SL Pendant Dual Control Pendant
Beam4 SL Pendant Indirect Pendant
Beam6 Recessed Recessed
Beam6 Pendant Pendant
Beam6 Wall Wall
Beam6 Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam6 Recessed Wall Wash Wall Wash
Beam6 Surface Surface
Beam6 LED Techzone Techzone
tek Techzone
Tek 6 LED Techzone Techzone
Tek 12 LED Techzone Techzone
Beam6 LED Recessed Recessed
Beam6 LED Recessed Vertical Vertical
Beam6 LED Pendant Surface
Beam6 LED Wall Wall
Beam6 LED Pendant Pendant
Twin Beam2 Pendant Pendant
Twin Beam2 Wall Wall
Wet Beam4 Wall Wall
Wet Beam4 Pendant Pendant
Wet Beam4 Recessed Recessed
Wet Beam4 Surface Surface
Wet Beam4 Wet Wet locations
Wet Beam4 LED Surface Surface
Wet Beam4 LED Pendant Pendant
Wet Beam4 LED Recessed Recessed
Wet Beam4 LED Wall Wall
Wet beam 4 LED wet Wet locations
WetBeam DI Pendant Pendant
WetBeam DI Wall Wall
WetBeam DI Wet Wet locations
WetBeam DI Wall LED Wall Wet locations
WetBeam DI Pendant LED Pendant Wet locations
Mini Box LED Pendant Pendant
Mini Box LED Wall Wall
Mini Box Surface Surface
Mini Box Wall Wall
Mini Box Pendant Pendant
Sketch Pendant Pendant
Cove Perfekt Ceiling Hi-Output Cove Ceiling
Cove Perfect Wall Hi-Output Cove Wall
Cubic Pendant Pendant
Cubic Wall Wall
Cubic Surface Surface
Day 1x1 Recessed
Day 1x1 Surface Surface
Day 1x2 Recessed
Day 1x4 LED Surface Surface
Day 1x2 Surface Surface
Day 1x4 Recessed
Day 1x4 Surface Surface
Day 2x2 Recessed
Day 2x2 Surface Surface
Day 2x4 Recessed
Day 2x4 Surface Surface
Day 1x1 LED Recessed
Day 1x1 LED Surface Surface
Day 1x2 LED Recessed
Day 1x2 LED Surface Surface
Day 1x4 LED Recessed
Day 2x2 LED Recessed
Mini Box LED Surface Surface
Day 2x2 LED Surface Surface
Day 2x4 LED Recessed
Day 2x4 LED Surface Surface
Dia 1x1 LED Recessed
Dia 2x2 LED Recessed
Dia 2x4 LED Recessed
Dia 1x1 LED Surface Mount Surface
Dia 1x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Dia 2x2 LED Surface Mount Surface
Dia 2x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Dia 1x1 Recessed
Dia 1x4 Recessed
Dia 2x2 Recessed
Dia 1x4 LED Recessed
Dia 2x4 Recessed
Dia 1x1 Surface Mount Surface
Dia 1x4 Surface Mount Surface
Dia 2x2 Surface Mount Surface
Dia 2x4 Surface Mount Surface
Duo 2x2 Recessed
Duo 2x2 Surface Mount Surface
Duo 2x4 Recessed
Duo 2x4 Surface Mount Surface
L2 Wall Wall
L2 Pendant Pendant
L2 Surface Surface
LT Pendant Pendant
LT Wall Wall
LT SurroundLite Pendant Pendant
LT SurroundLite Wall Wall
Picolo Medio Pendant Pendant
Picolo Medio Wall Wall
Plano 1x1 Recessed
Plano 1x1 Surface Mount Surface
Plano 1x4 Recessed
Plano 1x4 Surface Mount Surface
Plano 2x2 Recessed
Plano 2x2 Surface Mount Surface
Plano 2x4 Recessed
Plano 2x4 Surface Mount Surface
Plano 1x1 LED Recessed
Plano 1x1 LED Surface Mount Surface
Plano 1x4 LED Recessed
Plano 1x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Plano 2x2 LED Recessed
Plano 2x2 LED Surface Mount Surface
Plano 2x4 LED Recessed
Plano 2x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Prime Surface Surface
Prime Pendant Pendant
Prime Wall Wall
Prime LED Wall Wall
Prime LED Pendant Pendant
Prime LED Surface Surface
Sculpt Pendant Pendant Direct
Sculpt Pendant Direct/Indirect Pendant Direct/Indirect
Sculpt Surface Surface
Sculpt Wall Wall
Sculpt Recessed Recessed
Sculpt Recessed Vertical Vertical
Sketch Recessed Recessed
SkyePool 2x2 Recessed
SkyeScape 2x2 Recessed
Skyescape 4x4 Recessed
SkyeView 2x2 Recessed
SkyeView 1x4 Recessed
Slim Pendant Pendant
Slim Wall Wall
SurroundLite Pendant Direct Pendant Direct
SurroundLite Pendant Indirect Pendant
SurroundLite Pendant Semi-Direct Pendant Semi Direct
SurroundLite Pendant Semi-Indirect Pendant Semi Indirect
SurroundLite Wall Indirect Wall Indirect
SurroundLite Wall Semi-Indirect Wall Semi-Indirect
Slim 2X Hi Output Pendant
Soleil Pendant Pendant
Soleil Surface Surface
Tek 6 Recessed
Tek6 Techzone Techzone
Tek 12 Recessed
Tek 12 Techzone Techzone
Tek 6 LED Recessed
Tek 12 LED Recessed
Twig SurroundLite Pendant Semi-Direct Pendant
Twig SurroundLite Wall Semi-Indirect Wall
Wave 1x1 Recessed
Wave 1x1 Surface Mount Surface
Wave 2x2 Recessed
Wave 2x2 Surface Mount Surface
Wave 1x4 Recessed
Wave 1x4 Surface Mount Surface
Wave 2x4 Recessed
Wave 2x4 Surface Mount Surface
Wave 1x1 LED Recessed
Wave 1x1 LED Surface Mount Surface
Wave 1x4 LED Recessed
Wave 1x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Wave 2x2 LED Recessed
Wave 2x2 LED Surface Mount Surface
Wave 2x4 LED Recessed
Wave 2x4 LED Surface Mount Surface
Zen Pendant Pendant
101 Pendant Pendant
101 Wall Wall
101 Surface Surface
202 Pendant Pendant
202 Wall Wall
202 Surface Surface
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