• High efficiency, VL Optic
  • Controlled downlight with comfortable spatial brightness
  • Shallow 3 7/8” housing
  • 1x1, 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 modules for grid, drywall or surface mounting
  • Static or air return
  • Integrated occupancy sensing and daylight controls


PLANO LED offers comfortable brightness; energy efficiency; sleek, crisp appearance, and a full range of flexible options.

PLANO LED features a flat lens system that attractively divides the luminous opening. A slightly regressed center lens with precisely controlled and high-transmission VL optics™ provide both visual comfort and high efficiency.  Satin side diffusers balance the luminosity.  The full enclosure reduces dirt and insect collection.

Boasting efficiencies over 85%, PLANO LED delivers ample illumination, while remaining well under ASHRAE 90.1 lighting power allowances.  IC Controls equip a PLANO LED system to reduce energy consumption still further.

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