MikroLite 1.5 Patterns and Corners Vertical Recessed
Overview Wall Pendant Surface Recessed


  • Ultra-compact profile, 3 5/8” H x 2 1/4” W
  • Recessed, ceiling, wall, pendant mounting
  • Fully illuminated corners
  • Direct or Indirect light distributions
  • Integrated occupancy sensing and daylight controls

BEAM 2 LED is an ultra-compact, linear system with multiple lighting, mounting, and design options.

BEAM 2 LED can deliver surprisingly efficient direct, indirect, and asymmetric light distributions, with optional MR11 downlights. IC Controls equip a BEAM 2 LED system to reduce energy consumption further still.

With a clean trim detail, BEAM 2 LED can be recessed in various ceiling types, as well as in walls. Pendant, surface, and wall mounting (ADA compliant) is also available.

Patterns with fully illuminated corners can be designed in multiple planes.

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