Superior Distribution. Unparalleled Performance.

Uniform, quality light. Optimized, single-beam distribution. Fast, flawless installation. With CovePerfektTM, cove lighting will never be the same.

Powered by SurroundLiteTM, an exclusive Axis technology, CovePerfekt puts peak-angle candlepower (cd/W) where you need it. Its wide 3D, 180 degree non lambertian distribution sends light along, across and out from luminaire ends, resulting in a soft glow using as little as 3W/ft.

Easy Specification
No aiming is required. There are no cove dimensions to figure out. And there is no need to locate remote drivers and other components. All these features are packed into a choice of only four luminaires, eliminating guesswork.

Trouble-Free Installation
Given the many challenges of installing conventional cove lights, Armstrong Ceiling Systems and Axis Lighting joined forces to create the best possible cove lighting solution. With the objective of reducing clutter and simplifying design, Armstrong innovated with Axiom® Indirect Light Coves, while Axis developed CovePerfekt. Together, they represent the new standard for cove lighting.

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